“The Pearl: Taihu Lake” Promotes the Brand of “Jiangsu on Water” in Beijing and Tianjin

In order to promote rich tourism resources in Wuxi, enhance influence and fame of “The Pearl: Taihu Lake”, and expand northern tourism market, the roadshow of new travel products of “2017 Jiangsu on Water” was performed in Beijing and Tianjin on November 25th and 26th, which was sponsored by Jiangsu Tourism Administration and organized by Tuniu Tourism Website.

Organized by Huang Zhen, a deputy researcher in Wuxi Tourism Administration, Yixing Tourist Center, Lingshan Group, Wuxi Film and Television Base, Qingming Bridge Part of Ancient Canal took part in the event.

The sales-like activities were held in Tianjin Tee Mall and Beijing Glory Mall, arousing much interest among the locals, and promotions of tour products, marvelous performances and exciting interactions push people’s enthusiasm to the high.

Wuxi stand gained much attention. the Taihu Lake, Lingshan Buddhist scenic spot, Film and Television Base and the ancient canal have attracted attention in the two cities, becoming the must for the tourists from Beijing and Tianjin when they travel in the eastern China. Besides, Nianhua Bay, the new product in Wuxi, is the top choice.

In addition, all the travel brochures of The Pearl: Taihu Lake, smart map of whole-region tour in Wuxi, brochures of Yixing travel and others were taken by the locals, who also favored souvenirs such as Yixing pottery dolls, Lingshan pens with the wish to get good grades, Three Kingdoms City luggage tags and ancient canal key rings which were given to the locals as gifts by they scanning the codes or drowing the lottery on the spot.

During the event, the staff at Wuxi stand clearly explained their products and routes to the locals coming to them. Moreover, they communicated with the local travel agencies face to face, introducing the scenic spots in Wuxi and favorable policies, and eventually reached the initial cooperation intention. Meanwhile, the citizens thought highly of the event, which enabled them to know more about Wuxi, and they wanted to visit the charming city and the Pearl in the coming future. All in all, the roadshow was a great success.