2017 Juna Gourmet Rally & Century-old Juna Cooking Contest

2017 Juna Gourmet Rally & Century-old Juna Cooking Contest was held in Grand Juna Wuxi on December 4th, which aimed to build a brand of Century-old Juna as the present for the approaching 40th anniversary of Juna. Experts and young chefs gathering together voted out the top 3 breakfasts, classic dishes and specialties.

The 10 Famed Banquets promoted in the contest consist of Juna’s classic dishes in the past 40 years and the newly created ones. Stories of banquets, origins of names of dishes, kitchen wares and ceremonies reflected the hotel and even local culture, showing the respect to the Wu foods.

As the well known hotel in Yangtze Delta, Juna Group has been setting the standards of high level services in starred hotels. Now it is a name card in Wuxi tourism by displaying characteristics in hotel management, services, catering, environment protection and local culture and creating positive brand effect.