Entertaining Museums in Wuxi

   “Stern”, “serious” and “dull” are words used to describe museums, while they are new popular places where young people look for fun and get knowledge. Here are interesting ones collected by Wuxi Tourist Bureau.

Place 1: Wuxi Film Capital: the first Bottle Opener Museum in Jiangsu

On December 5th, 2017, WRCA declared in Wuxi that “Grain Valley”founded by the couple, Xu Xiaofan and Yang Li, was identified as “The Largest Private Crown Bottle Opener Museum in the World”.

It is said that among the numerous treasures, over 2200 crown bottle openers from more than 70 countries credited as the highlight of the collections, reflecting the special crafts and different  histories and cultures. Experts on biotechnology and fermentation in Jiangnan University offer materials, technique and recipe for craft beer. Besides, the museum offers beer brewing experience for visitors by presenting the brewing process.

Place 2: Huashi, Jiangyin: the first Socks Museum in China

Jiangyin Chuancheng Socks Museum is the first socks museum in China founded by Mr. Zhu Cheng, the founder of Chuancheng gift socks and young socks collector, which is located in Huashi Town, Jiangyin City, only 2 km away from Huaxi Village, the First Village in China. In the museum, there are over 1000 collections coming from all over the world, representing the process of human civilization in the hundreds and thousands years. Socks, brands, tools and pictures and literatures from different countries and regions in different periods vividly reflect the history of sock industry in the city, in China and even in the world. Visitors can enjoy socks of all kinds, and bring the DIY socks back home as well.

Place 3 Wuxi Canal Park: He Zhenliang and Olympic Gallery

In the Wuxi Canal Park by Ronghu Bridge, there is He Zhenliang and Olympic Gallery, the first local Olympic memorial in China. Covering an area of 3800 sqm, it consists of Main Gallery and Affiliated Gallery. The Main Gallery is reformed by a industrial warehouse left from the last century and the former style still remains. The gallery exhibits the Chinese and international Olympic history, and local sport celebrities’ stories, especially He Zhengliang’ life story and the relationship between He and Olymics by using modern tools such as sound, light or electricity. He Zhenliang donated more than 930 collections to the gallery for free.

Place 4 Zhoutie, Yixing: the first Kite Museum in Taihu Basin

Taihu Kite Museum is the first museum themed with kite culture in Taihu basin, which is located in the history block in Zhoutie Town, Yixing, covering an area of about 400 sqm, and the original Qing Dynasty architecture style still remains.

Exhibition areas including traditional craft, honors, excellent works, history and culture of kites in Taihu basin, provide opportunities for visitors to review the history of Taihu kite, representative works and crafts in forms of objects, pictures, characters and media. In addition, the experience zone enables visitors to make kites, which is the reflection of memory of Qing architecture by modern technology.