Wuxi Museum Cultural and Creative Products Debuts Following the Palace Museum Ones

When Shan Jixiang, the curator of the Palace Museum gave a lecture in Wuxi days ago, promoting the cultural creative products which bring about sales up to 1 billion yuan, Wuxi cultural and museum circles were inspired that the cultural creative products would be a great business. It was known yesterday that there was a long time preparation and selection of museum collection before Wuxi Museum put forward a series of cultural creative products for the first time which would be sold in public this year.

Wuxi Museum Cultural and Creative Products

At the ground floor of Wuxi Museum, there is a Cultural and Creative Products Exhibition Area which will be unveiled after the Spring Festival. The amazing designs will receive bravos due to familiar cultural relics elements in them. As the one of pilot cultural and relics units in Jiangsu to explore cultural and creative products, the museum launched the design work years ago with support of social forces such as colleges or universities and design institutes. In accordance with the principle of inheritance and innovation, it displays the Wuxi civilization in multiple ways. Thanks to the elaborate design, the history of this national-level historic city and abundant treasures in Wuxi Museum are employed to create some creative, qualified brands with stories behind which are characterized by local history, replicas and intangible cultural heritages.

Those new products are series of “Best Wishes”, “Liangxi Attractions”, “Local Scholars”, “Happiness” and “All-inclusive”. “Best Wishes”products originating from Everything Goes Well, the painting by Fang Zhaolin, a contemporary Wuxi artist are car hangings or red envelopes. “Liangxi Attractions” products are scarves and back cushions with the natural scenery along miles of Liangxi River before the War of Resistance in a contemporary painting Picture of Liangxi Attractions by Zhu Menghua. As to one of“Local Scholars”products, there are mugs with Picture of Shadowed Moss by Ni Zhan, an artist in Yuan Dynasty, stamped on, which was the most valued treasure in Wuxi Museum. “All-inclusive” series includes all kinds of bags such as backpacks, change purses and handbags, using Picture of Pine and Deer by Zhu Da, an artist in Qing Dynasty. How graceful it is to wear an adorable deer with a pink flower on its head at your back or in your hand!

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It is worthy of mentioning the “Happiness” series of products is stationery including rivet exercise books, crystal paper-weight, rubber seal and metal bookmarks, among which the paper-weight won the prize in 2017 the 3rd Wuxi Cultural and Creative Design Contest. Inspired by A Fu (Happiness in Chinese), a clay figurine in Qing Dynasty, it is decorated with bat design, signifying the good wish for the happiness of better life. A Fu’s image is transformed a little bit to  be used in the Happiness exercise books, paper-weights on the desk, decorating our daily life. Besides, the adorable “Happiness”  emoji package is already used in WeiChat which you can download for free ---- open a dialog box, click the “+” at the lower left and input “Daily Life of Big-face A Fu” in the search box.

For years, Wuxi has been devoted to design and produce those products which are considered as name cards of the city. Beside the provincial Cultural and Creative Design contest, there is a city-level contest which is the 3rd one since 2015, attracting over 3000 excellent works by contestants from more than 10 provinces. More and more designs are employed in the market. Among 1200 works received in the 3rd contest, 5 won the first prizes, 10 the second and 19 the third. It is known that the 4th one in 2018 cooperating with Wuxi Jiangda Integrated Cultural Communication Institution, Shannantou Cultural and Artist Village, Helv Museum and Nanchang Street Henong Cultural and Creative Base, will solicit the social requirements and needs and be the bridge between excellent designs and market.