The 2nd Wuxi Citizens Photography Competition Unveiled

Wuxi Citizens Photography Competition is the second one with widely support of the local citizens. Days ago, Wuxi Tourism Association, Wuxi Entrepreneur Photography, Painting and Calligraphy Club, and Wuxi Branch of China Telecom held the press, officially announcing the start of “Surfing with Beauties ---- The 2nd Wuxi Citizens Photography Conpetition”.

Taking photos is not only to “record”, but also to “share”. Aims to enrich the locals’ leisure tourist life and improve the quality of cultural tour and life, this event presents and promotes the image of Wuxi as a famed tourist resort, and shows the citizens’ pursuit of happiness and better life, by which the wonderful tourist life can be jointly built and shared.

It starts on January. 6th and the cut-off date is April 15th. Those who enjoy life, travel and taking photos, locals or not, are welcomed to take part in this competition, which appreciates all the pictures with specific themes, sceneries and life in the city taken at any time, any place by mobile phones and cameras from different angles, by which the beauty on the way, in the life and of the Taihu Lake can be showcased.