Whole-region Tour Makes a More Charming City

“Whole-region Tour” was the hot word in 2017. Two months ago, Wuxi Tourism Development Conference & Pep Rally of Establishing National Whole-region Pilot Zone signified the beginning of the work. On the spot of two sessions, Wuxi presented its achievement in the past year: Wuxi being listed in the first Top 10 China Tour & Leisure Model Cities and Top 10 Destination for Sport Tour, Expected total income of tourism increasing by 10.2% and visitors received by 6.8%, Lingshan Chanyi Town, Chalv Town and Yangshan Taoyuan Town credited as three of the first tour town. Representatives have offered reasonable suggestions as to the measures of turning the city into a national whole-region tour pilot zone in the coming new year.

Break the systematical and mechanical barriers and establish a tour public service system

Since systematical and mechanical barriers have hindered the development and quality of Wuxi tourism, the establishment of the pilot zone is an opportunity to make a breakthrough on tourism development and management. A leading group is founded, special system and mechanism built, and Wuxi Tourism Development Committee is on the way, by which issues in the development of local tourism can be settled.

It is on the schedule to break those barriers and build a tour public service system. According to Li Tianjiao, a committee member, compared with other tourist cities such as Hangzhou, Wuxi can not fulfill the demands of tourists with its services due to the lack of large-scale tour public service center. It is urgent to establish the center to offer services including information council and collection, complaint, emergency commanding, traffic distribution, booking, rest area, and handy service for the public. Branches will be set in different districts and counties, and service stations be build in hot service centers, so as to construct “one main center + 9 sub-centers + N stations”comprehensive service system for whole-region tour.

Enter the Big City Tour through cooperation and resources integration between wuxi, Jiangyin and Yixing cooperating

When we talk about famous scenic spots in Wuxi, most tourists at home and abroad would come up with Lingshan Buddha or the Tortoise Head Isle, but know little about those in Jiangyin and Yixing. In recent years, village tour in Yixing has won much attention and Yangxian was just identified as national tourism resort. In the last year, grand tourist projects worth about 10 billion yuan landed in Jiangyin and Yixing.

The representative Zhang Lijun believed that the cooperation between the three cities will certainly bring an opportunity for the development of Wuxi tourism. Wuxi shall make a development plan for whole-region tour on the basis of integration of the three cities. The layout of tourist projects shall take the whole region into consideration. Some can be settled by  the Taihu Lake and some in the mountains in Yixing. For sure, Yixing shall be initiative to get into the Big City Market.

Since Jiangyin and Yixing are only about 30 km away from the downtown of Wuxi, they compensate with each other from the aspect of tourist resources. The representative Gu Jinhui said, according to the demand of whole-region tour, Jiangyin will turn its whole area of 988 sqm into the largest scenic spot and prettiest destination, which means there is lots of work to do ahead to realize the goal.

Elaborate special tourist brands to enhance the fame of Wuxi

In the development of the whole-region tour, Wuxi shall elaborate a series of unique tourist brands characterized by traditional culture, local sceneries and modern technology, so as to attract more visitors at home and abroad.

“Wuxi Culture and Tour Group has great potential to develop further since it has some brands and resources such as Taihu, Lihu and Huishan.” Said representative Wu Zhu. The Group will explore the culture background of scenic spots and integrate tourist resources so as to be more competitive. the best brand shall be the services and the key point is to enhance the quality of services which shall be more considerate and convenient by which tourists will be more satisfied.

For the past 2 years, Lingshan Nianhua Bay has been the highlight winning good reputation domestically. The committee Zhang Jianhao said, Lingshan and Nianhua Bay would jointly contribute to the grand Lingshan resort for your souls, by which the whole-region tour industry would be driven. Meanwhile, Lingshan brand will be the name card of Wuxi which will be promoted overseas to show its excellent resources and value.

He also suggested that we offer 24 hours services at anytime all-weather, so that tourists are convenient to tour around, and as to the low quality of public service system specially the traffic system in Mashan international tourist island, relevant departments should prolong the service time of public transportation, start special lines for night tour and speed up the beginning of Wuxi-Yixing S2 rail transit by using smart technology, so as to offer more convenient transportation to approach Mashan.