Elites Awarded, Experience Share, Quality Tour Promoted ---- 2017 Annual Grand Ceremony by Wuxi Tourist Hotels Association

On January 17th, 2018, Wuxi Tourist Hotels Association held the grand ceremony for the past year, which was attended by Liu Yonghong, the deputy director of Wuxi Tourist Bureau and officers in quality management office.

At the ceremony, our achievements since the industrial transformation in 2017 were reviewed, and the tourist hotels in the city were encouraged to improve the quality, innovate the brands and make breakthrough, so as to usher the city into the era of Quality Tour. Meanwhile, Wuxi Tourist Bureau, Wuxi Tourism Industry Association and Wuxi Tourist Hotels Association awarded certificates of honor and medals to 10 Outstanding Managers, 10 Excellent Managers, 10 Young Prominent Employees, 6 Brands, 1 Outstanding Contribution Unit and 2 Best Cooperators. Wuxi Idea Garden Hotel, Juna Hubin Hotel and Hangzhou The New Hotel communicated with guests on delicacy management, quality services, innovation and transformation. Green Cloud and Hecheng International shared their experience of operation management and big data.

It is known that more requirements have been put forward to the services criteria of tourist hotels since the application of new technology and change of attitudes toward life. According to partial statistics, most tours are parents-children tour or business trip; natural sceneries, leisure enjoyment and parent-child hotels are given most attention; among aspects of hotel catering, services, prices, facilities, sanitation and location, the prices satisfaction goes up to 91.46% ranking first, while facilities satisfaction is 70.78% bringing up the rear, and lots of complaints are raised on lack of children’ slippers and playgrounds in parent-child hotels; most comments are given to catering and facilities; and most complaints are about air-conditioners, inner noise in hotels, peculiar smell, televisions and sanitary fittings. Besides, on the one hand, mobile APP makes booking more convenient, on the other hand, our time is fragmented, attitude towards life, consumption habits are changing and consumption behavior are more common, which brings about the balance of booking between the different periods ---- booking in peak seasons and no booking in off seasons.