Press on Cultural and Creative Entrepreneurship Loan by Liangxi Cultural and Sport (Tourist) Bureau

As a financing product supported by Wuxi municipal finance and developed by Beijing Bank, the cultural and creative entrepreneurship loan serves for the business starting and innovation of the local small and micro cultural and creative businesses. It is a financing business offering finical assistance to those in normal operation. In the sunny afternoon of Jan. 26th, 2018 after a heavy fall of snow, the Cultural and Sport Bureau of Liangxi District held the press in the Ancient Canal Conference Center on policies concerning Liangxi cultural tour industry and entrepreneurship loan, which was one interpreting policies organized by the Cultural and Sport (Tourist) Bureau since the amendment of modern industry policies in the district. Leaders interpreted the cultural and tourist industry policies before Mr. Jiang, the general manager of small and medium enterprises department of Beijing Bank was invited to lecture the affairs with the loan concerned, elaborate the targets of the financial product, its features, factors and procedure, and answer questions raised by some cultural tourist companies on the spot. The loan has attracted wide attention among the enterprises attending the press.

It is known that there are near 170 delegates, including chiefs of economic development office and cultural and sport station on all the 16 streets in the district, officers in charge of 85 cultural enterprises and 22 tourist ones. Zhang Li, the head of publicity department of District Committee, and Zhang Qi, the deputy district head were present at the press.