Overall Planning of Whole-region Tour Development in Binhu District Approved

At the provincial expert review meeting on Overall Planning (2017-2025) of Whole-region Tour Development in Binhu District (Wuxi) held in Nanjing on Feb. 3rd, the planning won the praise by experts of review group from Nanjing University, Nanjing Normal University, Nanjing University of Finance and Economics, Jiangsu Provincial Tourist Administration and Wuxi Tourist Bureau. Ni Shouhong, the deputy district head of Binhu attended the meeting.

The review meeting was hosted by Chen Jingsong, the chief of comprehensive laws and regulations division of Jiangsu provincial tourist administration. At the meeting, the compiler, Nanjing Zhonglu Bide Tourism Planning and Design Institute, gave the special report. Since the October, 2016, when it was listed as one of the second national whole-region tour model zone, Binhu District, in compliance with the establishment standards, has discussed and revised the planning repeatedly in more than one year after the planning work was initiated. During the time, the ideas have been put forward and work specification detailed. According to the planning, Binhu district, with “Whole-region Tour in Binhu” centered, will lead the new upsurge of tourist entrepreneurship three times with accurate planning and continuous innovation, form a new developing pattern with whole region, all the sceneries, industries and citizens involved so as to make tourist industry more prosperous, the city more beautiful and citizens richer, and turn the district into a first-class national model zone of whole-region tour, sample of domestic lakeshore whole-region tour, and chief destination of lakeshore leisure in the Yangtze River Delta.

Professor Huang Zhenfang, the head of tourism faculty of Nanjing Normal University and group leader of experts, on behalf of the review group, alleged that a consensus is reached to approve the planning since it is made on the base of deep investigation and research on the background and foundation of whole-region tour in Binhu and the analysis is objective; the concept and pattern of whole-region tour are employed to define the direction, orientation and strategies of tourism in the future, which effectively guides the development of whole-region tour in the district; the determined layout of this industry is characterized by all the elements improved, all the industries immerged, all the places covered, all walks of life involved and all the serves provided, which is reasonable and practical; the rich content, comprehensive system and normative expected achievements of this planning make it in compliance with national standard and practical situation. Meanwhile, experts suggested that lack ecological and historic connotation should be further explored, supply revolution deepened, quality of tourism improved, beautiful village constructed and smart tour formed so as to make it a better part of the Yangtze River Delta and more internationalized.

According to Ni Shouhong, the approval marks a sound step to approach the completion of national model zone and signifies the beginning of hard work. At the next phase, Binhu will instruct the compiler to correctly perfect the planning and report to the related provincial department in accordance with the suggestions of experts. At the same time, it will be effectively put into practice, so that Binhu will be one of the first national model zones of whole-region tour by offering excellent whole-region tour services, and make Wuxi a tourist destination top the list in Jiangsu province, first class in China and famed in the whole world.