Taihu Pearl ·Spring Festival in Wuxi ------ 2018 Golden Week of Spring Festival

The Golden Week of 2018 Spring Festival comes to an end, however, the pleasant memory of the view ---- Taihu Pearl, food and local custom in the festival still linger in the mind of tourists at home and abroad. On Feb. 21st, the statistics was issued by Wuxi Tourist Bureau, saying that in this Golden Week, tourists received come up to 3026500 with 1.3% of year-on-year growth and the income totals 3.435 billion yuan with 4.7% of year-on-year growth. The tourist market in the city keeps developing well without any security incident and great complaint. To sum up, there are features of tour in this holiday as follows:

Fully implementing Guidelines for Tourism in Holidays, and Reasonably Organizing the Related Work

It is the first Golden Week since the national whole-region tour model zone was established in Wuxi. During the period, fully implementing the spirit of national and provincial conference on tourism, departments at all levels have reinforced the management, perfected the mechanism, arranged and coordinated related work. In order to make all the preparation and services practical, all the work has been launched and carried out in advance to build a safe, orderly, profitable and civilized tourist market. On New Year’s Eve, Li Xiaomin, a member of Standing Committee of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of Municipal Party Committee, was present at the New Year Blessing activity at Lingshan. Besides, he expressed best wishes and respect to police officers, fire-fighters and workers who were defending the safety and security of the city with high sense of responsibility, so that citizens had a happy and peaceful Spring Festival. First, the safety inspection was carried out on tourist market. The Deputy Mayor Liu Xia, leading the group consisting of officers in charge of tourist, public security, fire fighting, safety inspection and quality supervision departments, inspected the key parts of tourist market in the holiday and required all the related departments to put the quality of services and tourism safety at the first place, so as to make sure that the tourist market in the holiday was in order. Secondly, the 2018 working conference on comprehensive support to tourist market in Spring Festival was launched to convey the spirit of Guidelines for Tourism in Holidays, at which the Tourist Bureau, Public Security Bureau and city management department were exchanging their working experience, agreeing to further reinforce the awareness of comprehensively supervise the tourist market, and to deliver each work measures to all workers in this industry, so that an orderly market would be created. Meanwhile, 50 major tourist activities in all the scenic spots were elaborately designed to provide diversified tourist products for visitors at home and abroad. Conferences were called at all levels with major scenic spots and enterprises involved to organize specialized inspection, making full preparation for the Golden Week.

Elaborately Designing Tourist Products to Welcome the New Year

In order to welcome the Golden Week, some themed local activities were promoted including Orchid Exhibition, Garden Party, Celebrating Party, Blessing Ceremony, Lantern Show and Plum Blossom Show, etc. They showcased the unique culture and charm to people all over the world who went out to enjoy the beauty of nature or education of traditional culture in scenic spots, gardens or cultural places. Jiangnan Orchid Garden on the Tortoise Head Isle, Huishan Ancient Town and Plum Garden would entertain visitors with traditional architecture thousands years ago and beauty of flowers. Yangshan, Dangkou and Chongan Temple offered feasts of food with reduced prices which attracted lots of attention. All those activities offered by Wuxi presented fine views and special cultural experience of Chinese New Year. This year, those who celebrated the new year by blessing in the temple, enjoying the traditional New Year pictures and pasting Spring Festival couplets had a real memorable time in Wuxi. Various cultural products made the city a place lingering in tourists’ minds and a destination of leisure tour.

First-class Whole-region Tour Satisfying Chinese and Foreign Tourists

In this Golden Week, whole-region tourist products were especially promoted to the public by Omnimedia and all-round public services were provided. Colorful products offered tourists a number of choices and its high quality met the requirements of demanding clients. Tourists would enjoy a wonderful week in the urban area or in tranquil countryside. You can enjoy the orchids on the picturesque Tortoise Head Isle today, and appreciate the historic relics thousands years ago and light the lamps to wish a happy and healthy year, and then have a spiritual tour in Nianhua Bay in Lingshan the day after tomorrow. All those scenic spots give the city a tag of high-quality whole-region tour. Some may choose the quiet and peaceful villages to enjoy the natural views and local customs in Yangshan where the colorful natural rural life is relaxing enough to remove the fatigue in the work. Bamboo Sea in Yixing is a place where you find the peace and calm deep down in the heart. Visitors who live in the downtown are able to indulge themselves in the nature without any worry or pressure. They share the view, food, beautiful photos and special Wuxi New Year Festival with friends on Moments. Mr. Sun from Shanghai says that the whole-region tour in Wuxi makes the diversified tourist products and first-class services available and convenient, and the Taihu Pearl ---- Wuxi deserves its reputation with its tourists’ satisfaction ranking first in Jiangsu for 3 years in succession.

Welcoming New Year with New Environment and Civilized Tour

Scenic spots in Wuxi offered a tourist feast with both traditional and modern features which entertained Chinese and foreign visitors greatly. Meanwhile, quarrels or loud noise were replaced by smile and laugh. To welcome the Golden Week, Notification on Civilized Travel in Spring Festival was issued by Wuxi Tourist Bureau to further improve civilized tour, fulfill the duty of civilized tour supervision, carry out volunteer services and strengthen the supervision and examination. With cooperation between related departments, the environment of civilized tour is further improved, which makes tourist more comfortable. People touring, sightseeing, taking boats or buses, dining, shopping and using toilet politely make the city a more wonderful place to visit. Staff in Lingshan, Three Kingdoms and Water Margin City, and the Tortoise Head Isle remind visitors of civilized behavior with smile on their faces. Tourists buy tickets in queue. Security guards and cleaners, bearing both responsibilities with “Guilder of Civilized Travel” labeled, stop impolite behavior such as littering or spitting. Carrying out the rules of explaining prior to the trip, instructing in the trip and summing up after the trip, travel agencies including Wuxi CITS and Jiangsu CCT, have organized several explanation sessions to reinforce the education and instruction on overseas civilized travel so that the image of modest and polite Wuxi citizens can be built to welcome the new year.