Diversified Activities Present a Hilarious Festival

The spring ushers in a new year. It is time to greet kitchen god on the fourth day in the Chinese calendar, which happens to be the Rain Water of the 24 solar terms. Slightly as itrains, tourists enjoy the hilarity and happiness in scenic spots. Wuxi Film and TV Base promotes Traditional Spring Festival in Three Kingdoms and Water Margin City themed with “Time Travel”, which has attracted a large number of people around the world.

Lion dance in Bilin Hall of Huishan Ancient Town raises another climax among visitors. As an excellent folk art, it is a traditional program to celebrate festivals or special days. Drunken lions sometimes being lazy, behaving like babies or rolling on the ground, sometimes jumping highly into the sky, make audience excited and amazed.

In the year of the Dog, Dogs Parade in the Zoo is extremely popular among children. In the procession, birds are dressed up. Swans wear colorful cloth and put on the little hats, parrots are fully dressed, and dogs wear red jackets. Everything is bursting with happiness and joy.

Lights on the acrobatic stage in Shanjuandong, Yixing, are fascinating, and movements trilling. Midair chairs and tubes give you breathtaking experience, classic magic ushers in a wonderland, and clowns are so hilarious. Besides, activities such as distributing new year gifts by the God of Wealth, smashing golden eggs, female double dragons dance, snacks, and talking and singing, offer so many options for visitors who are amused very much.

This year, various folk custom activities such as on-water opera enable visitors to enperience a traditional festival. The drama New Flirting Scholar ---- Dream Back to Ming Dynasty presents a new year ceremony, and cultural feasts offer Sichuan Opera, magic or operas to satisfy different needs.

With 4 pm on Feb. 19th as the deadline, the quantity of visitors received in Lingshan scenic spot come up to 24700, it in Three Kingdoms and Water Margin City 18100, and the Tortoise Head Isle 13200. All the related workers have fulfilled their duty in offering excellent services and keeping the local tourist market in order, so far, there is no security incident and major complain occurring.