Civilized Travel in the Golden Week of Spring Festival

According to the statistics issued by Wuxi Tourist Bureau, by 4 pm on Feb. 20th, the quantity of visitors received in Lingshan scenic spot come up to 33700, it in Three Kingdoms and Water Margin City 14800, and the Tortoise Head Isle 13500. All the related workers have fulfilled their duty in offering excellent services and keeping the local tourist market in order, so far, there is no security incident and major complain occurring.

Visitors enter in queue at the gate of Guhua Mountain in Huishan Ancient Town

The National and Provincial Tourism Administrations put forward specific requirements as to improving the civilization quality of citizens and especially reinforcing civilized travel related work in the Spring Festival. Wuxi Civilization Office and Tourist Bureau jointly issue a notice that all travel institution and service entities shall promote the supervision, propaganda and report of civilized travel. It is known that Wuxi Civilization Website, Wuxi Tourism Service Platform and each network medium publicize travel information and tips on internet, Microblogs, WeiChat, Microvideos and APPs to advocate green civilization travel and honest consumption in multiple ways, by which uncivilized behavior can be eliminated, the civilization quality of citizens and tourists improved and the civilization of the city enhanced

Civilization is the best view on the way to travel. During the Golden Week, feasts of activities with traditional and modern features are presented in scenic spots, making the local customs exposed to tourists at home and abroad in the civilized trip. On the second day of the first month in the Chinese calendar, scenic spots are crowed with people, who buy tickets, enjoy performances or take part in activities in queue. Brown-baggers dine in rest areas and put the garbage in bags into the dustbins. Guided by servants, people get on or off boats in order. People touring, sightseeing, taking boats or buses, dining, shopping and using toilet politely make the city a more wonderful place to visit.

Guides of Nanchan Temple Tourist Center introduce the instruction on civilized tour to tourists.

Visitors buy tickets or collect ones bought on line in advance in order in the Three Kingdoms and Water Margin City. At the entrance, staff, smiling, reminds tourists of civilized tour. Traffic jams always occurs in holidays in the Tortoise head Isle and Lingshan due to their locations, while in this Week, elaborate arrangement by traffic police enables cars in or out of the city to run smoothly, which impresses tourists.

Taking the lead to bear the responsibility of civilized travel management as open scenic spots, Chongan Temple and Nanchan Temple implement the spirit. Security guards labeled with “Guilder of Civilized Travel” fulfill both duties of guarding the temples and stop impolite behavior such as littering or spitting as well. Cleaners clean the ground without delay and persuade tourists who behave improperly. In 4A scenic spots including Taihu Happy Garden and Plum Garden, large screens are erected to display advertising cartoon video of civilized travel, and over 100 signs reading Civilized Travel stand along the paths or at important locations. Though Huishan Ancient Town is at the first step of close-management to build itself into a 5A national scenic spot, most visitors behave properly thanks for the related propaganda.

Under “One Post, Two Duties” mechanism, security guards and cleaners serve as guides of civilized tour.

During those days, volunteers serve as information providers and persuaders in all the service centers and tourist centers. In cultural scenic areas including the former residence of Xue Fucheng, Donglin Academy and museums, visitors quietly learn the history and culture and appreciate the achievement of great minds, and children behave well under the guide of their parents.

In addition, carrying out the rules of explaining prior to the trip, instructing in the trip and summing up after the trip, travel agencies including Wuxi CTS, Wuxi CITS, Jiangsu CCT, Wuxi Overseas, Wuxi Springtour and Jiangsu Sunshine have organized several explanation sessions to reinforce the education and instruction on overseas civilized travel so that the image of modest and polite Wuxi citizens can be built to welcome the new year, and the local civilization enriched and promoted in foreign countries.