Wuxi Tourist Bureau Launched the Working Meeting on Adjustment, Recruit and Training of City-level Star Commentators

On Feb. 27th, Wuxi Tourist Bureau launched the working meeting on adjustment, recruit and training of city-level star commentators. Officers in charge and in relevant offices of tourist administrations of each city and district, managers of star hotels and internal auditors attended the meeting, and the deputy director of Wuxi Tourist Bureau Liu Yonghong gave a speech.

At the meeting, review of Wuxi star hotels in 2017 was reported and the review work in 2018 was deployed. It was also emphasized that fulfillment of relevant requirements of Jiangsu Tourist Hotels Management System and establishment of new version of green tourist hotels should be sped up.

To enlarge the team of star commentators and based on the recommendation of tourist bureaus in each district, a group of skilled, experienced and renowned in-service senior managers in the full vigour of their lives who run at least 3 stars hotels well were picked out and trained by provincial star commentators and senior experts on the targeted explanation and analysis of new evaluation criteria. Moreover, agreements of employment were issued to 28 new commentators who also signed the letter of commitment to be honest and self-disciplined. They thought highly of the training and learned a lot from it. Meanwhile, they also had confidence in their ability.

It was pointed out that the criteria meant a lot to improve the quality of hotel management and service and accelerate the healthy development of local tourist hotel industry. All the competent departments at city and district level, attaching great importance to star comment, strictly supervised and instructed the review of star hotels. New commentators were required to learn and master the new criteria, work accordingly and consult predecessors and experts. On the one hand, experience in the past should be learned, on the other hand, the service should be innovated and quality improved, so as to build a qualified brand of Wuxi tourist hotels.