Announcement of Boda · Modern 1930 New Culture Themed Life Park Being Rated as National 3A Scenic Area

In accordance with Evaluation and Assessment of Quality Grades of Scenic Spots and Regulations on Quality Grades of Scenic Spots, scenic spots carry out self-inspection and examination, and Wuxi judging panel organizes experts to evaluate the quality grades of scenic spots and offers continuous instruction on their improvement. Recommended by the Tourist Bureau of Binhu District and selected by the judging panel on spot, Boda · Modern 1930 New Culture Themed Life Park is authorized as national 3A scenic spot which is announced publicly without objection.

To make great contribution to Wuxi tourism, it should integrate its cultural tourist resources, improve ancillary facility of public service, enrich its contents, enhance the service and management quality, and submit relevant statistics on time in accordance with Jiangsu Tourist Statistics and Survey System and A-level Scenic Areas Management System issued by National Tourist Administration.

                                                                             Evaluation Committee of Quality Grade of Wuxi Tourist Attractions

                                                                                                                                                        February 27th, 2018