Whole-region Safety Work with Tourists Centered

To implement the spirit of Safety Production Working Conference and fulfill the annual task assigned by Jiangsu Tourist Administration, Wuxi Tourist Bureau, launched the tourist safety working meeting on Feb. 28th, where participants exchanged working experience, aims and tasks are assigned and management responsibilities fulfilled. Attendees included Jiang Yunyi, Yang Jianguo and Huang Zhen from Wuxi Tourist Bureau, and officers from Wuxi Culture & Tourism Group, Juna Hotels Group, Tourist Bureaus at city or county level, Travel Agencies, star-rated hotels, and scenic spots.

At the meeting, Jiang Yunyi said that complying with the national, provincial and city requirements of tourist safety, the whole tourist industry has innovated the management measures and means and put forward the safety work to stabilize the industry in the past year. Focusing on the responsibility implementation, specific rectification and emergency foundation, the city has been endeavored to offer excellent conditions and key support by measures such as organizing the National Tourist Safety and Emergency Management Working Conference and launching emergency response drill in the air, on the land and by the sea.

On the one hand, the local tourism is booming, on the other hand, it should be fully aware of the importance of long-term tourist safety work and its challenges with sense of responsibility and urgency. The great importance of safety production shall be realized, and risk in traditional and untraditional tourism dealt with. With the two goals of “speeding up the development of model zone of national whole-region tourism and building Wuxi into one of tourist destinations top in Jiangsu province and China and even famed overseas” taken into consideration, the city puts attention to the new issues involving tourist buses, new types of operation, events supporting, regulated management of travel agencies, standardization of tourist market, and safety supervision of village tour and reinforces measures to guarantee the safety of whole-region tour, by which the safety requirement is implemented through the whole process of tourist development.

It is required that the model zone shall be safeguarded with high quality development as the standard in accordance with the overall arrangement of Wuxi Party Committee and government. First, highlighting and fulfilling responsibilities. Safety production responsibility system shall be fulfilled. Safety management of travel agencies, scenic spots and star-rated hotels shall be reinforced, responsibility assessment of tourist safety management by objectives carried out and “Three Necessities” and “One Post, Two Responsibilities” executed. Second, strictly inspecting and managing the key programs. Actions are taken to remove the hidden dangers and prevent accidents, and safety management of travel agencies is strengthened. Heavily loaded, high-risk projects, special recreation facilities and fire safety are paid special attention in the important period, events and festivals, so as to see to it that tourists are safe and satisfied. Third, systematically implementing the measures. Implying with rules, tourist safety work is carried out in aspects of civilization, rule of law and integrity, civilized operation environment construction strengthened, tourist market renovated, and the safety blacklists of tourist enterprises and punishment on loss of honesty, so that a healthy tourist environment is established. Forth, innovating the mechanism. Comprehensive regulation mechanism is improved, mechanisms of joint law enforcement, handling tourist complaint and report uniformly and “1+3+N”tourist case investigation and treatment established, specialized committee of tourist safety explored, and the safety assurance enhanced using techniques. Fifth, emphasizing the fundamental and long term effect. The mechanisms of safety risk level-to-level management and control and hidden hazard control and double prevention are underway. Safety propaganda among citizens and tourists is socialized, and management level is enhanced to nip the accidents in the bud.

In addition, Jiang issued letters of responsibility of safety objective management to the officers in Tourist Bureaus of cities and counties. The deputy director Yang Jianguo conveyed the spirit of the national, provincial and city safety production working conferences, and speeches were given by Yixing Tourist Bureau, Wuxi Culture & Tourism Group, Xiangmei International Hotel, Spring International Travel Agency and Yangshan Village, Yangshan Town in Huishan District.