The Provincial Tourism Bureau Carries Out Inspection of the Progress of Putting the Tourism Market in Order, Also Called “Sword Operations I”, in Our City (Wuxi)

According to Notice of the General Office of the National Tourism Administration on Launching the “Sword Operations I” To Put the Tourism Market in Order by Regulating the Practice of Tour Guides and Combating the Illegal Behaviors like Forcing Tourists into Consumption—No.32 【2018】issued by the General Office of the National Tourism Administration, in order to strengthen the intensity of rectifying tourism market and advance the implementation of “Sword Operations I”, the provincial tourism bureau assigns a group of people, including Fan Xingqi, an associate researcher of the Department of Administration and Management, and Bian Daliang, a member of the Office of Quality Supervision, to inspection of Wuxi’s tourism market. The inspection group conducts their work by debriefing officials in charge, carrying out on-site inspection and visiting enterprises.

Comrades of the Wuxi Supervisory Detachment of Tourism have given the inspection group of the provincial tourism bureau special reports on the implementation of “Sword Operations I”. Firstly, strengthen organization and leadership. The Wuxi Tourism Bureau has established a working group, formulated relevant programs and held meetings collaborating with municipal bureau of public security, municipal bureau of industry and commerce, municipal bureau of urban management and law enforcement and municipal bureau of transport to mobilize and deploy the personnel. Secondly, emphasize the key points in rectification. The surroundings of tourist attractions are prone to gathering “black tour guides” and “black cars”. In order to resolve the problem of illegal tour guides, unlicensed cars, touting, stopping the private cars forcibly and trailing the potential customers, Wuxi Tourism Bureau works with other authorities to enforce the law in tourist attractions and their surroundings. Under the guidance of the municipal cultural and tourism group, the Yuantou Zhu Scenic Spot innovates its supervisory measures and tries outsourcing services as well as adopts the way of setting up posts in fixed positions, dividing up the work among the workers and patrolling flexibly to strengthen the management of surrounding tourism market environment.

In the course of implementing “Sword Operations I”, the Wuxi Tourism Bureau has organized 12 joint examinations of different tourism markets, sent 4 copies of administrative notice, and interrogated a total of 12 travel agencies, branch offices and service websites suspected of advertising unreasonably cheap tourist products. Taihu International Travel Agency Co., Ltd. in Wuxi has taken administrative penalty for running overseas travel without permit. The natural person Zuo Xing has also taken administrative penalty for running travel agency without permit.

The inspection group of provincial tourism bureau thinks highly of our work of “Sword Operations I” and requires us to continue the high-pressure momentum to ensure the stability, security, order and health of the tourism market.