The Fourth China’s Annual Conference 2018 of Commerce, Tourism and Culture Industries Held in Liangxi District of Wuxi

On April 12th, 2018, the fourth China’s annual conference of commerce, tourism and culture industries has been held alongside the ancient canal in Liangxi District of Wuxi. Surrounding the transmission and promotion of the canal culture, the conference shows the splendid evolution of commerce, tourism and culture industries in company with the development of great canal culture by means of high-level discussions, vivid demonstrations and creative fusion. More than 30 exhibition stands from 6 provinces and 2 municipalities display diverse and distinctive products, especially some selected exhibits from Liangxi District including the eye-catching “ Souvenirs of Canal Culture” and “RESTAURANT JIANGNAN” which not only persist in their traditions but also add more creative elements. People now have a better understanding of the canal culture through visits, communication, in-depth discussions and experiences. In the new era of continual history, generation-to-generation culture, growing economy and progressive society, the canal culture are releasing new vitality and playing an increasingly important role.

The activities are aimed to facilitate the integration of national commerce, tourism and culture industries and promote the model zones of them. The successful experience of Liangxi District in Wuxi shows the whole-region creative routes of commerce, tourism and culture industries’ development, forming a distinctive league of cities and seeking the cooperation among cities so as to enable the emerging industries of culture, commerce and tourism in Liangxi District, even in cities of the whole country to realize in-depth integration.  (By Liangxi District Tourism Bureau)