Citizens of Hong Kong Are Crazy about “Yummy Food of Wuxi”

Engaged in the 2018 Jiangsu Cultural Carnival, titled“Jiangsu on Water Unveiled in Hongkong”, a Hong Kong citizen surnamed Mai not only was deeply moved by the stories of black rice, but also enjoyed the flavor of the eight-treasure black rice after knowing about and tasting the Yixing black rice, so he inscribed an impromptu poem. Though it was the first time Yixing black rice had come to Hong Kong following Wuxi tourism, the black rice has won high praise from Hong Kong citizens and scored a tremendous success. On April 20th, the first day of the carnival, black rice pudding and black rice zongzi were sold out.

There were always long lines before the stands of Wuxi small steamed buns, sauce ribs, and pork and vegetable wonton. Despite the hot weather, many citizens still rushed there to taste palatable food of Wuxi every day. They expressed that they had tasted authentic and inexpensive Wuxi small steamed buns and sauce ribs. At the news, many people from Jiangsu but working and living in Hong Kong also took part in the carnival at once. They usually came with their whole family and raved about the food in dialect as they tasted it. In order to meet the demand for Wuxi small steamed buns, the stand doubled the quantities from 2500 to 5000. When the carnival was coming to an end, stands from INTERNATIONAL WUXI specially held a brief ceremony, inviting Hong Kong citizens to sample 100 cuisines for free and stepping out of stands collectively to express gratitude to Hong Kong citizens for their enthusiastic support for Wuxi’s yummy food. During the 3-day carnival, totaling 24 hours, 5 top cooks from INTERNATIONAL WUXI exchanged cooking skills with Hong Kong cooks and volunteers assigned by the organizing committee and they have formed deep friendship. The five’s excellent cooking skills have gained countless likes.  

On the third day’s afternoon of the carnival, many Hong Kong citizens came to the Ehu rose garden stand again to purchase more rose flower cakes. Having been told that rose flower cakes sold out, they had to scan QR code to purchase by mail. They said they had never eaten such tasty cakes full of rose flavor and the Wuxi’s cakes indeed impressed them. One Hong Kong citizen bought 100 rose flower cakes at a time. Besides, the horse hoof pastries were also popular with Hong Kong citizens and sold out. In order to participate in the carnival, completely newly-designed packages    

have specially been used to pack up horse hoof pastries, which are also convenient to carry on trips.

 The 2018 Jiangsu Cultural Carnival has ended successfully. The relations between Wuxi and Hong Kong have been deepened through tasting palatable food. Many citizens involved in the carnival have expressed that “ Yummy Food of Wuxi” has left nice impression on them, and they will visit Wuxi to taste the delicious food again. Several businessmen have also shown that recently they will come to explore Wuxi and Yixing in advance, and then start their “journey of yummy food” in Wuxi in goups.