Wuxi Ancient Canal Large Culture and Tourism Comprehensive Project of OCT Settles in Liangxi District

On the morning of July 10th, Wuxi Ancient Canal Large Culture and Tourism Comprehensive Project of OCT (Overseas Chinese Town) officially settled in Liangxi District. The project will be completed jointly by OCT and Liangxi District People’s Government with a planned total investment of 30 billion yuan.

Taking Wuxi Ancient Canal Resort in the south of the Yangtze River as its core, the project intends, within 10 years, to improve the structure of tourist resources about the Ancient Canal Resort for the establishment of a national model wholeregion resort, and to create a worldclass Chinese Canal Culture, Tourism and Recreation Model Zone that boasts multiple functions including ecological holidays, sightseeing, city celebrations, gatherings of artists and livable accommodations.

The project includes enhancing the image of ancient canal travel routes and travel products to realize the multicontents, multibusinessforms and multifunctions of routes by land and water; developing Xigangbang Area to create international topnotch culture and arts center, artists’ colony and hub of tour dispatch; surrounding the golden triangle area formed by Qingming Bridge and Bodu Bridge to create an aquatic theme parks related to canal; taking advantage of the transformation of ancient kilns site to create an original arts, culture and business complex combining cultural exhibition, immersing interaction and consumption; improving those existing distinctive commercial streets alongside the ancient canal, including Nanchang Street and Nanxiatang Business Block, while expanding new business blocks, including the banks of Bodu River and Nanchangjie Sanduan; building unique luxurious hotels, distinctive homestay colony and deluxe livable apartment model zone, etc.