2019 Miss Tourism International Wuxi Semi-Final in Quaint Dangkou Town

As one of Wuxi’s historical and cultural blocks (renowned towns) under special protection, the ancient Dangkou Town, located on the border of Wuxi, Suzhou and Changshu, was rated as a famous historical and cultural town in China in 2010 and is honored with “Small Suzhou” and “Silver Dangkou”. This time, 2019 Miss Tourism International SemiFinal was held in Dangkou Town rich in cultures, which presented the ineffable collision of current fashion and traditional culture. The 25 beauties who have successfully entered the semifinal arrived at the town one day in advance of the competition and toured there. Their elegant and willowy figures strolled in the long streets and winding alleys against the grey tiles and white walls, which has attracted lots of attention and flashes. On the night of the semifinal, through three rounds of PK, i.e. “Youth and Vigor Show”, “Bikini Show” and “Cheongsam Show”, all the beauties showed themselves brilliantly on the stage of Xiaoyi Square and perfectly interpreted the topic of “Oriental Beauty Shines in Wuxi”, constantly winning rapturous applause and cheers. Finally, 12 contestants gained the entrance to the final.

The annual Miss Tourism International, whose aim is to promote exchanges and development in tourism, is one of the most magnificent and influential fashion and culture events in the world. The final and the award ceremony will be held alongside the ancient canal which has existed for thousands of years, and display extensive and profound Chinese cultures and those beauties’ charm to the audience in conjunction with the International Nocturnal Tour Festival held in the south of the Yangtze River.