2018 Rural Tourism Taihu Forum is held in Wuxi Mashan Taihu National Tourist Resort

The grand 2018 Rural Tourism Taihu Forum, sponsored jointly by Wuxi Binhu District People’s Government, Wuxi Taihu National Tourist Resort Management Committee and Wuxi Tourism Association and supported strongly by Jiangsu Tourism Association, China Tourism Association Homestay Inn and Exquisite Hotel Branch, was held in Wuxi Mashan Yunju Xicun Resort Hotel from July 21st to July 22nd. Many people attended the forum, which was hosted by Song Xiaoyu, the director general of Binhu District Tourism Administration, including secretaries from villages and towns where they attach great importance to the development of rural tourism, general managers from more than 50 homestay inns around Taihu Lake, and representatives from over 40 travel agencies of Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Nantong, Yangzhou, Taizhou, Taicang, Jingjiang, Zhangjiagang, Wuxi, etc.

With the aim of innovating business forms of rural tourism, enhancing the quality of rural tourism, facilitating the development of wholeregion tourism and promoting the overall revival of the country, 2018 Rural Tourism Taihu Forum has gathered many influential representatives to the lakeside of Taihu Lake, including director generals of tourism administration who are devoted to promoting rural tourism as well as pioneers and experts in rural tourism. They have discussed the blueprint for rural tourism and existing problems, and have explored how the homestay inns, exquisite hotels and holiday hotels establish closer cooperation with international and domestic travel agencies so as to formulate good policies to bring rural tourism around the Taihu Lake to the market and to the whole country.

By means of this forum, investors and operators of homestay inns and international and domestic travel agencies, present at the forum, have reached a consensus about win-win cooperation. Meanwhile, the forum has also encouraged creative ideas of those proprietors and raised their awareness of taste and brands. The success of this Taihu Forum will be bound to have a positive influence on the growth of rural tourism around the Taihu Lake.