Three Crafts of Wuxi Are Listed in the National Revitalization Plan

According to The Plan on Revitalizing China's Traditional Crafts issued by General Office of the State Council, this year Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have jointly released The First Batch of Traditional Chinese Crafts Revitalization List, three traditional crafts of Wuxi, i.e. Wuxi Delicate Embroidery, Yixing Zisha Pottery Craftsmanship and Yixing Juntao Pottery Craftsmanship included.

Wuxi Delicate Embroidery, as the name implies, is exquisite tiny twosided embroidery, whose artistic features mainly lie in small scroll, ingenious ideas and extraordinary skill. In 2008, Wuxi Delicate Embroidery has been listed as The First Batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage Expanding Project.

As China’s only existing traditional pottery craftsmanship based on flattening the lump of clay by beating it repeatedly, Yixing Zisha Pottery Craftsmanship, mainly existing in Dingshu Town, Yixing City, Jiangsu Province, reached maturity in the Ming Dynasty and up to now, has lasted for over 600 years. Approved by the State Council, Yixing Zisha Pottery Craftsmanship has been named as National Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative Item since 2006.

Yixing Juntao Pottery, also known as Yijun Pottery, Yixing JunGlazed Pottery, Yixing GuaGlazed Pottery, is a kind of pottery with particular glazes and embossed decoration made in Yixing since the Song Dynasty. Because of its historical, cultural, artistic and scientific values, Yixing Juntao Pottery Craftsmanship has been classified as The Fourth Batch of National Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative Item since 2014 after the approval from the State Council.