Hutaoli, forerunner of China’s Music Restaurant & Bar, Settles in Wuxi Boda -- Wuxi Nightlife Culture Meets Fresh Growth.

Recently, Boda · Modern 1930 has signed with Hutaoli, forerunner of China’s Music Restaurant & Bar and one of Asian reputable brands.

As a representative of tasteful recreational habitat, Hutaoli has its distinctive brand advantage and unique charm. The first Hutaoli was born in Shenzhen Cultural and Creative Park in 2013, inspired by the integration of music and palatable food and drink. It has ushered in a new over15h recreational business mode, has rapidly attracted so many people keen on music, arts, tasty food and palatable alcohol by means of dynamic space experience, deluxe catering, accompanying music performance and brilliant interpretation of international art genres, and has been favorably ranked as “home to literary youths” by customers.

The formal settlement of Hutaoli in Boda has filled the blank of lakeside nightlife culture in new Wuxi Binhu Commercial Area, and will inject new life into nightlife culture in Taihu New Town Area and further enrich Wuxi citizens’ tasteful leisure lifestyles. Boda · Modern 1930 and Taohuli will jointly bring better recreational experiences to Wuxi citizens, create a more pleasant and comfortable shopping environment so as to really form multiple and multi-level “one-stop consumption” with mega capacity and let life define the era.

Apart from the new signing Hutaoli located near the street, the GOKURAKUYU, owned by a listed enterprise in Japan, also will be open to the public in October this year. At that time, all the leisure lifestyles together, also including other experiential vacation and leisure business forms such as upmarket foot bath Nianhua Weixiao, and Boda exquisite hotels, will be bound to further expand the radiation range effectively, target customers with higher consumption levels, attract purposeful customers tightly so as to create the first “New Cultural and Recreational Living Center” in East China integrated with “innovation, creativity and startup” and characterized by commercial center similar to tourist attraction, distinctive business forms presented on many themes, and humanized services.