Wuxi Departments of Tourism, Transport, Work Safety and Fire Jointly Carry Out Inspections of Aquatic Tourism Safety

The summer holiday is the peak season for aquatic travels. In order to ensure the practical implementation of aquatic tourism security work, safeguard the legal rights of the tourists, enable tourism enterprises to raise an awareness of assuming safety responsibility, take safety precautions in flood season and summer holiday and avoid water safety accidents, Wuxi People’s Government Work Safety Committee Office has established a joint supervision group, with Wuxi Administration of Tourism, Wuxi Administration of Transport, Wuxi Administration of Work Safety and Wuxi Fire Department involved, to coordinate the specific inspection work, following the instructions to further strengthen waterborne transport safety from the State Council Work Safety Committee Office Supervision Group and relevant leaders in Wuxi and obeying Management Measures of Jiangsu Inland River Waterborne Travels Safety.  

The joint supervision group conducts waterborne travel safety inspections in different places, including Yuantou Zhu Scenic Spot, Wuxi Welcoming Cruise Company, Wuxi Shendao Cruise Company, Three Kingdoms City & Water Margin City, Li Garden, Jiangsu Jiangnan Ancient Canal Tourism Holding Co., Ltd., Public Garden, Xihui Park, MuWan Orchard, Gengwan Cultural Investment Development Co., Ltd., and Lihu Lake Scenic Spot Management Office.

The joint supervision group asks those that don’t conform with safety regulations, for instance, not having complete rules and standard machine accounts, without clear safety signs, not establishing tourist evaluation system, not putting up safety signs for special groups (the old, children, and the disabled), without welltrained safety guardians, with inconvenience of getting life jackets, and with safety hazard of old electric wires, to rectify the defects, and reports these findings to the Municipal Department of Work Safety in time.

The joint inspection group requires that all enterprises operating aquatic travels should seriously act on national work safety teleconference spirits under the guidance of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s Important Instructions on Work Safety, fully realize the significance of the special inspections for promoting and ensuring longterm stable safety of waterborne transport in the area, attach great importance to seasonal influence brought by summer holiday, typhoon, flood season, etc. on aquatic travel safety, strengthen management and make specific and realistic selfcheck programs, taking practical water safety work into account, to eliminate all kinds of safety hazards as soon as possible and ensure the waterborne travel safety.