“Roaring Vigor” International Martial Arts Sanda Championship Takes Place in Wuxi

“Roaring Vigor” International Martial Arts Sanda Championship, which is the firstever grand international martial arts sanda competition held in Wuxi and also in the Yangtze River Delta Region, unveils in Wuxi recently.

In this event, 16 fighters who are from China, Thailand, Russia and Iran will stage 8 brilliant fights, covering different weight classes, i.e. 60 Kg, 65 Kg, 70 Kg, 75 Kg, and 80 Kg. The foreign competitors includes “Thailand Wolf King” Saiyok Pumpanmuang awarded 15 worldclass gold belts, with a winning rate of 80% in 262 fights; Amin winning six champions of IFMA (International Federation of Muaythai Amateur) World Championship in a row, and a WMFA worldclass gold belt; Xianmi, the champion from the northeast of Thailand; Dengneng winning world champions many times; Amnat Ruenroeng, featherweight world champion of IBF, who once defeated Zou Shiming, Chinese boxing champion; Yixiu (Iquezang Kor.Rungthanakeat), winning many tiles, such as Isuzu Champion, Channel 3 Champion, and WPMF Champion; Aladiva, Russian all-round boxing king who won 12 champions; Ali Tama, Iranian national boxing champion.

In the face of such strong opponents, China, as the host of this championship, sends 8 excellent contestants to participate, including “Kylin King” Gao Lujun and “Guangxi Wolf Warrior” Lan Yousheng, both of whom once won the Men’s 60 Kgclass Champions of National Wushu Sanda Championship; “Fine Horse” Feng Jie winning 65 Kgclass Champion in National Games; Liu Wenlong winning 75 Kgclass Champion in National Games; “Fine Sword” Cao Lujian winning 80 Kgclass Champion in National Sanda Tournament and Champion in National Games held in Shandong Province; “Iron Fist” Xu Yong, winning Champion in the Ninth Asian Wushu Tournament; “Lion King” Xiao Kaiyu, a competent Sanda talent, winning Champions several times in free sparring; Xu Jinghao winning 70 Kg-class Runner-up in 2018 National Wushu Sanda Championship. Champion vs Champion, such a high-level event is worth attention.

It’s known that this competition is sponsored by Martial Arts Management Center affiliated to General Administration of Sport of PRC, and Chinese Wushu Association, and organized by Martial Arts Management Center affiliated to Jiangsu Administration of Sport, Wuxi Administration of Sport, Wuxi Wushu Association, and Jiangsu Zhizhou Cultural Development Co., Ltd.. Chinese Wushu Sanda with distinct ethnic characteristics is a treasure of Chinese culture and the excellent cultural heritage of Chinese nation. Zhizhou Cultural Development Co., Ltd. is committed to providing an impressive “Roaring Vigor” competition for the domestic audience to experience worldclass fights in person. Meanwhile, the Company hopes to promote traditional Wushu culture, spread Chinese culture to the world and strengthen confidence in Chinese culture by means of the competition.