Three Wuxi Masters of Folk Art Win Glory of “Finest Artist”

On August 28th, the grand award ceremony on the theme of “Night of China Dream” and “Salute to Steadfast Dreamers in 2018” was held in Jinmao Tower of Shanghai. This event unveil the “Finest Artist” devised by massive encouraging talk show Haiyang Fangtan together with media from Jiangsu, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangdong and other places across China.

In addition to interviewing celebrities, Haiyang Fangtan, which has put down roots in Wuxi and connects itself with the whole country, pays more attention to ordinary people about their virtues, especially those folk artists and inheritors of intangible cultural heritage. After the success of “Brilliant Yixing People” held by Haiyang Fangtan, it is busy in preparing for the broadcast of “Brilliant Wuxi People” now.

In this award ceremony, three Wuxi masters of folk art win the glory of “Finest Artist”.

They are Zhang Zhengzhong, Hua Jian and Qiao Jinhong. Zhang Zhengzhong, highlevel craftsman and researcher at the research institute of Yixing Zisha Craft Factory, his sentimental works, honored as masterpieces of realism plus tradition, stand out in the rational Zisha world. Hua Jian, representative inheritor of Yixing intangible cultural heritage, he has received strict training in molding techniques from outstanding craftsman Gu Shaopei, so that he is proficient in molding clay by hand, especially good at dealing with square works. Qiao Jinhong, bamboo carving artist, the thirdgeneration inheritor of “Bamboo Carving of the Zhangs” (Zhang, a surname) and “Shuangqi Xuan”, researcher, and highlevel craftsman, he is skilled in adopting relief and hollowout carving to make creations, which come with the quaint and poetic style of ancient carvings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and his mother’s works in her later years. Zhang Yingyuan, his wife who is good at exquisite bamboo carving, endeavors to present flowers, birds, insects and fish as elaborate bamboo reliefs. Because of their diligence, Wuxi Bamboo Carving revives from the brink of extinction.

This time, award winners also include Han Tongsheng, renowned performing artist, Wu Lan, national firstclass actress, Chen Yongtang, enthusiast of public welfare and initiator of “Vintage Puerh”. Meanwhile, Wang Hongxiang, who is committed to promoting Beijing Opera, the quintessence of Chinese culture, is awarded “Finest Rising Star”.