Wuxi Film and Television Base: Gather Round Taihu Lake to Dance Cheerfully

Gather around Taihu Lake to dance cheerfully. Music drifts, willowy bodies sway, and vitality blossoms.

On August 25th, Suzhou Dadi International Travel Agency received 200 enthusiasts of square dancing who were to participate in the social gathering on the theme of “Square Dancing of Porcelain Capital Travels Enchanting Taihu Lake” at the Wuxi Film and Television Base.

Famous and melodious songs, including Hulunbuir Prairie, China’s Inclusive Stage, Our Beliefs, resonated on the Wu Palace Square in the Three Kingdoms City. More than 200 confident dancers danced to the music joyfully and rhythmically.  

The radiant dancers were all in high spirits so that swarms of tourists couldn’t help pausing to enjoy their performances, some even humming softly. How spectacular and lively the scene was!

After the brilliant and fleeting gathering, dancers smiled sweetly with graceful poses in front of the camera, and then the photographer pressed the shutter and recorded the wonderful moment. Though time goes by, charm of the beauties won’t fade away. Wish the dancers happiness and good luck! Wish them to go further with their dances, travelling across China, even the world!

This gathering is organized by Jingdezhen (Porcelain Capital) Square Dancing Yangko Association, sponsored by Jingdezhen Fangyuan Travel Agency, and held by CCTV Wuxi Film and Television Base and Suzhou Dadi International Travel Agency.