Converge intelligence, spark innovation, and interconnect tourism The 2018 Smart Tourism Development Summit was successfully held in Wuxi!

In the golden season, the city is drunk and drowned in the sweet breeze over the Taihu Lake. On the morning of September 14th, the Smart Tourism Development Summit hosted by China Tourism Academy, Jiangsu Tourism Administration, and the Wuxi municipal government, and jointly organized by the Wuxi Tourism Administration and Beijing Dayou Zhongcheng Technology Co. Ltd. was successfully held at Crowne Plaza Hotel in Wuxi. More than 300 guests and representatives have witnessed the fruitful achievements of Wuxi’s smart tourism and its blueprint for the future. As one of a series of events forming part of the 2018 World Internet of Things Expo, the summit, themed with “interconnectedness in the travel world,” focuses on new technologies, fields and applications in smart tourism. By deepening regional corporation, the interconnectedness in the travel world is explored, the healthy and sustainable development of allforone tourism promoted, and constructive exploration and prospective thinking given to the development and construction pattern of smart tourism at present, by which the development and innovation of informatization and intellectualization of tourism industry is enhanced in Wuxi and even China.

Yuan Fei, member of the standing committee of the CPC Wuxi municipal committee and minister of publicity, and Chen Fen, deputy director of Jiangsu Tourism Administration, both gave a speech at the summit. Officers who attended the summit include Jiang Yunjie, director of the Wuxi Tourism Administration, Li Youping, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, and Li Zhongguang, vice president of China Tourism Academy. Moreover, it also attracted experts and scholars from tourism administrations, representatives of tourism scenic spots, resorts, technology companies, tourism enterprises, manufacturers in cloud computing, IoT, mobile communications and portable terminal equipment, as well as representatives from the news media. The attendees come from 30 cities of 12 provinces (or municipalities) and autonomous regions.

The Smart Tourism Development Summit consists of three parts: keynote speech, roundtable forum and achievement exhibition of related tourism enterprises. A total of 16 wellknown experts and industry representatives, including academicians from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, gave keynote speeches and exchanged experience during the gathering. Big data were issued by China Tourism Academy, strategic cooperation agreement signed with Smart Tourism Academy, and smart tourism maker fund released, by which Wuxi’s IoT specialty industry’s fruits were reinforced, and application and development of IoT technology in tourism foreseen. It is of great practical significance to comprehensively promote the research, application and development of IoT technology in the field of smart tourism.

In his speech, minister Yuan Fei pointed out that, as an important field for the application of new technologies such as the Internet of Things and cloud computing, the integrated development of the “IoT+” tourism industry is also becoming an important way for tourism transformation in the new era. Through internet and mobile terminals, the application of tourism big data, which is mainly based on the information of tourism resources, tourism economy, tourism activities and tourists, provides more efficient decisionmaking basis and support for tourism experience, management, service, marketing and many other fields. Development is the eternal theme and cooperation is the cornerstone of success. Wuxi tourism has made many beneficial explorations and successful practices on the road of promoting integrated development of the “IoT+” industry. It is expected that the summit offers an opportunity to have indepth exchange of ideas and experience with all of you, so as to achieve a win-win cooperation in consensus on the right road in this hot field of smart tourism industry.

Chen Fen, deputy director of the Jiangsu Tourism Administration, addressed that a more convenient, enjoyable and smarter tourism industry is not only good wishes of every traveller, but also the shared aims that the government and the tourism industry are striving for. The theme of this summit “interconnectedness in the travel world” means equipping travel with a smart “engine”, grasping the tendency of “Tourism +” and “Internet +”, banking on technologies, especially the Internet, Mobile Internet of Things, and relevant technological innovations, and providing smarter destination management methods, industrial organization patterns, and business operation modes so as to further satisfy the changing consumption demands and enable the changes from traditional closed destination management to open allforone tourism management, from linear chainlike industrial organization to net one, and from single mode to systematic integrated collaboration. Smart tourism leads the public travels, facilitates the allforone tourism, and makes the tourism more convenient and wiser. As one of the first “National Smart Tourism Pilot Cities” and an active doer of smart tourism, Wuxi learns the advanced experience from neighboring cities and promotes revolutionary development of “Tourism +” and “Internet +” by holding the summit.

According toBig Data Report on Outbound Chinese Tourists in the First Half of 2018 jointly issued by China Tourism Academy and Ctrip, our foreign destinations have been increasing. In the first half of 2018, the number of outbound tourists reaches 71,310,000, going up by 15% year on year compared with 62,030,000 in the same period of last year. The growth in Jiangsu province is relatively more remarkable with the yearonyear increase of 15%. The on and off line booking statistics of outbound tourist products on Ctrip shows that citizens from 19 cities in Jiangsu have visited over 200 cities in more than 60 foreign countries. The most popular products include independent travel, package tour, cruise tour, ordered tour, ticket tour, study tour, themed tour and local guide tour. Nanjing ranks top 7 among 20 top tourist source cities in China, Suzhou and Nanjing are listed in 20 top outbound tourist consumption cities. Tailand is most welcomed and Russia wins much attention as a dark horse. Tourists in their 20s become the main force outnumbering those in their 40s. Personal requirements are given more attention and local guide tour occupies its part in the market.

Release of smart tourism maker fund is another highlight in the summit. As the first maker fund for smart tour and its new digital economy, Wuxi Cultural Tour Fund is a innovation platform of a new type centering digital tourist assets. Based on Jiangsu province, it builds a ecosystem of smart digitalized allforone tourism for the whole country, focusing on digitalization of tourism, intelligentizaiton of services and precision of marketing. By sponsoring and developing smart tourism maker, the fund contributes to the new pattern and sample for digital economy of cultural tour characterized by sharing, cobuilding, cocreating and common prosperity. In 3 or 5 years, based on the construction of allforone smart tour model zone and digital economy of cultural tour, the fund of 1 billion yuan will be employed to establish a smart tourist industries collection by effective configuration of allforone tourism industry chain resources, investment, incubation of innovative enterprises and sponsoring makers.

It is a grand event of communication and exchanging between industries and regions. In compliance with the new development concept proposed in the 19th CPC National Congress, the summit praised the innovation strategy and implemented the national policy of allforone tourism, which won the appreciation from leaders and other distinguished guests. In addition, it provides a chance for industries, governments, enterprises and colleges to communicate with each other, by which new creation, ideas and experience will be produced for the development of smart tourism. Let’s work together for better and more convenient services, as well as sustainable, healthy and high-speed “Internet +” tourism!