The 13th China·Xu Xiake International Tourism Festival & the Heilan Pegasus Watertown Both Opens

As the hometown of Xu Xiake (an immortal sage traveller), and an excellent tourist city of China, Jiangyin in Jiangsu Province has hosted the grand Xu Xiake Tourism and Culture Festival twelve times since 1991, which has reaped successively the honor of “China’s Finest Cultural Tourism Festival”, “Top Internationally Influential Tourism Festival in 2011”, etc. Currently, the opening ceremony of the 13th China · Xu Xiake International Tourism Festival is held in Heilan Pegasus Watertown with more than 500 guests, tourists and citizen representatives present at the event.

In order to inherit the travelling spirit of Xu Xiake and further encourage the development of Chinese travel literature, “China · Xu Xiake Travel Literature Prize”, the first travel literature award in China, has been set up jointly by the Chinese Institute of Prose, China Tourism News and Jiangyin People’s Government. The festival has received over 800 works in total from different parts of China this time, and articles such as A Journey to Sanqu Following Xu Xiake, Deep Feelings for Ancient Office, The Finest Moon Night in Jinan (a city famous for springs) eventually have won the prize. Besides, travel products are also a sort of window into a city, showing unique tourism resources and distinctive customs of a city. This year, a batch of brilliant creative works have emerged from the First “Sage Traveller Cup” · Jiangyin Innovative Travel Products Design Contest.

Jiangyin is committed to developing wholeregion tourism, facilitating the integrations of tourism with culture, agriculture, industry, transportation, and sports respectively, and embellishing itself with “enchanting landscape, historical culture, sports leisure, industrial experience, beautiful countryside, and theme parks”, so that a great number of original travel brands have been created there. Pegasus Watertown owned by Heilan Group is one of these distinctive brands. This time, accompanying the opening of China · Xu Xiake International Tourism Festival, Pegasus Watertown opens simultaneously, providing “a luxurious tourist feast” for the public. Entering the Watertown, people seem to arrive at a romantic and fantastic European town boasting an international and comprehensive equestrian base which combines equestrian training, equestrian performances, equestrian competitions, horse culture displays and leisure enjoyment together. As long as you want, it’s available to watch dressage performances, experience horse culture, check into MARRISLE, visit Heilan Art Gallery and take a nocturnal tour around the Watertown by boat there.