Celebrate the 2018 Mid-Autumn Festival by Colorful Activities in Tourist Attractions of Wuxi

The MidAutumn Festival is a good time for sightseeing, when people can enjoy those traditional folk customs like admiring the moon, flowers and lanterns. Tourist attractions in Wuxi annually promote more original and more interesting activities to build their influential brands and provide leisure destinations for citizens and tourists.

Admire The Moon: fireworks are a fairly popular annual display in Yuantouzhu Scenic Spot where traditional Chinese culture integrates with modern science and technology this year to create a grand firework show on the theme of “I Love WUXI — An Impressive Night by Photoelectric Means”. Dazzling rare fireworks e.g. large cataractshaped fireworks, rush to bloom high in the sky above the Taihu Lake in company with lasers, music and the digital photoelectric projections of “I ♡ WUXI” which are unveiled in Wuxi for the first time. What’s more, the scenic spot has also prepared a MidAutumn evening, a Hanstyle fair, camps for tents, and colorful nocturnal activities.

Admire The Flowers: 2018 Autumn Huishan Chrysanthemum Gathering on the theme of “Flowering Comes, You Come, Fun Comes”, highlights “fun” and creates a cultural feast to entertain the citizens by means of deeply tapping interesting figures and stories. The scenic spot innovates the traditional ways of enjoying chrysanthemum and offers about 20 interesting activities, including interactive ones like Search for Someone, Walk for Charity, Photograph for Poems; manual ones like tea ceremony, paper flower show, delicate embroidery display; artistic ones like experiencing tea culture and appreciating calligraphy, paintings and poems; exciting ones like ancient culture revival and cultural music festival.  

Admire The Lanterns: the annual lantern display in Plum Garden has been held for 9 consecutive years since 2009, ranging from the earliest Tongliang fire dragons to fast motorcycles, tightrope walking to colorful ice sculptures, and hot samba to international clowns. Proper integration of burgeoning fashionable and dynamic experience and traditional Chinese hand-made colored lanterns makes the lantern display in Plum Garden a classic brand of autumn travels in Wuxi. The 10th Plum Garden · Light Art Festival in 2018 on the theme of “Finest Plum Blossom Time — Ode to China” has arranged four areas with over 20 light groups, i.e. 40 Years since Reform and Opening Up, 10 Years of Lantern Display in Plum Garden, Interactive Entertainment for Family, and Joyful Performance. Apart from light groups with various shapes and more exquisite craftsmanship, the lantern display of this year adds light shows projected on water screen and Wuqiao acrobatic performances.

In addition, citizens and tourists have opportunities to wander in a poetic world in Lingshan Nianhuawan Fantian Flower Sea, experience a music journey in the 2018 Ehu Mid-Autumn Music Festival held in Ancient Dangkou Town, and feel the righteousness of the outlaws in Wuxi Film and Television Base.

For the convenience of citizens, during the MidAutumn Festival and the National Day, Wuxi Bus Group temporarily opens multiple shortdistance routes connecting the downtown with the scenic spots and adds the Nianhuawan Route. Before the MidAutumn Festival, tourism management department at different levels actively launch safety examination and strengthen the supervision of the tourism market to maintain order in the holiday.