Emancipating the Mind with the Whole City Taken into Consideration, Creating and Innovating with Potential Motivated Promoting High-quality Development of Wuxi Tourism

On Oct. 11th, the Symposium on Emancipation of the Mind in Tourism was held in National Digital Film Park. Implementing the decisions by Wuxi Party Committee, it aims to further emancipate the mind in the form of public discussion, by which the ideological barriers which confine the innovation and development of local tourism will be broken. It also enables the working potential and impetus to be motivated, and the innovation of local tourism deepened and implemented. Those who attended the symposium includes leaders of Wuxi Bureau of Tourism, Juna Group and Culture & Tourism Group, and officers in charge of Bureau of tourism of each city, provincial and national tourist resorts, key tourism enterprises and institutions, and related offices or departments. Jiang Yunyi, the Secretary of CPC and Director of the Bureau delivered the speech at the meeting which was hosted by Liu Yonghong, the Deputy Director of the Bureau.

The Bureaus of Tourism of Yixing city, Liangci district and Binhu District presented their practice and experience in “Tourism +” innovation, resources integration, mechanism innovation, brand marketing, public service improvement and policies support and guidance. Yangshan Tourist Resort exchanged its view on building a statelevel resort by enriching leisure tourist types and developing allforone village tourism based on specialty industries. Juna, Culture & Tourism and Lingshan Groups discussed the issues of deepening the reform of stateowned enterprises, implementing “Goout” policy by relying on the brand advantages, improving services and strengthening Wuxi cultural and tourist enterprises. Wuxi CITS shared its experience in adapting to the new market as a traditional travel agency by products innovation and service enhancement. Shanlian village gave a briefing on village tourism. Uin Oriental Hotel presented Chinese Courtyard, an example of Chinese culture and beauty and model of themed and home-stay hotels in Wuxi.

Jiang Yunyi highly appreciated the measures taken to emancipate the mind and innovate the local tourism, and achievements made in recent years.

She pointed out that ideological emancipation was the prerequisite and foundation of working competence and effects. Structural revolution of tourist supply side and construction of national allforone tourism model zone are the way to emancipate the mind. Faced with the new challenges, the whole tourism industry should make breakthrough ideologically to narrow down the gap between it and that of developed areas, by which the local tourism would be promoted.

She also stressed that there were 4 key points to develop the highquality tourism. The first one is changing the developing concept at the background of allforone tourism since the traditional scenic spot tour cannot meet the new demand in the era of mass tourism. In order to create a beautiful life for the locals, it is urgent to turn the traditional tourist functions into new ones, build a shared life space with the characteristics, quality and resources of the city as the support, and develop the allforone tourism, which is building Wuxi into a tourist destination. Second, the core is keeping creating new tourist types and products. With the changing of tourist market, the demands of tourists are changing correspondingly. The tourist resources in the city should be integrated scientifically, and cultural advantages explored as much as possible. To meet the changing market demands, new business types and products should be introduced and designed. Third, a comprehensive management system should be built to guarantee the highquality development of local tourism, which is symbolized by efficient product supply and firstclass services. The tourist industry shall promote management innovation and cooperation between the government and enterprises. Scientific, efficient and smart management would optimize the tourist services in every aspect, so as to provide tourists with a cozy firstclass environment. Fourth, the foundation should be a profitsharing system. The development of allforone tourism is not only for the enjoyment of tourists and citizens, but the profits of tourist enterprises and prospect of tourist talents. When we introduce programs, talents and welcome innovation in the industry, we shall also pay attention to the sharing of profits. The harmonious development of the tourist entities is the precondition of sustainable development of local tourism.

Attendees reached the consensus in the heated discussion and exchange that they shall, in compliance with the central, provincial and local decisions and arrangements on tourism innovation, study and implement thoughts on socialism with Chinese characteristics in Xi Jingping era by being more clearmind,confident and concentrated in ideological emancipation and opportunities grasping in new era, so as to contribute to the construction of national all-for-one tour model zone and benchmarking of high-quality tourism in Jiangsu province.