Golden Days in Village ---- Chrysanthemum Feast in Shanlian Village, Wuxi

It is time to have a date with the golden season in Shanlian village. The 2nd Chrysanthemum Cultural & Tourist Festival was unveiled in Shanlian village recently, which would last for 5 days. It is a chrysanthemum feast and leisure resort for citizens and tourists.

With splendid natural views, long history and unique chrysanthemum industry, the festival presents the local tourist resources comprehensively and earn reputation for the village. Now it is one of activities expected by the locals.

It is said that the event is themed with “Shanlian, Golden Village” offering diversified activities. In Jia Garden, thousands of people do the noodles in their own way. Village Cultural and Creative Products Fair on the parking lot presents products and specialties of 30 model villages in Wuxi and even the whole Yangtze River Delta. Matchmaking event welcomes thousands of participants. People hike in the picturesque view. 20 restaurants compete in the Cooking Contest, in which 8 citizens and 8 experts are invited as judges to pick out the most special dishes.