Secretive Wonderlands in Wuxi

Lately, a story prevailed on the net that an artistspent 4000 yuan in building a by-mountain studio on Zhongnan Mount. He withdrew from theworldly life and lived in the beauty of nature, which aroused the envy ofalmost every one, while it is not a surprise in Wuxi. Some, creative andimaginative, have already built secretive wonderlands using the advantages ofhistory and nature of Wuxi.

Yimin Height

YiMinHeight used to be the local artist Zhang Weimin’s studio and reception room. Afterits completion, it attracted many young artists in Wuxi, and then expanded to atourist farm. It is located in the Green Bay, Taohuawu, Mashan. In the Height,you can entertain your eyes and ears with waves of Taihu Lake. Fruits and teasend off fragrance, wooden houses are covered with trees, dogs bark, chickencluck, wild ducks quack. What an idyllic life! At the edge of the cliff, waveslap against the rocks. Beyond, white gulls chase each other against thebackground of dark hills.

Zuile Hall

ZuileHall is located in the Taigong sanatorium where the long paths are narrow andquiet, and on the slope, shrubs are thick and branches are tangled. It is messygreen everywhere. You can see few artificial marks.

Once the old house of Rong family and visited by Chiang kai-shek, soongmei-ling and other celebrities home and abroad several times, it has been leftfrom the Republic of China era and protected as one of cultural relics inJiangsu province. Later it was contracted and transformed into a tea house, a delicateand romantic place, by private entrepreneurs. Zuile Hall is more tender than YiminHeight, like a girl waiting for the blooming of ever flower in the melodies ofthe flute. She shows more charm with the breezes over the Lake.

Nianhua Bayin Lingshan town, unfinished and expected

It is a world-class meditation resorts built by Lingshan Groupwith an unique style rear in the mainland of China. Every detail is perfect. Eventhe thatches on the Japanese style roof are carefully selected and reach 30 cmthick. It has taken 13 months to build a simple thatched roof.