The Autumn Garden Party Launched in Tortoise Head Garden on September 8th

According to Guo Moruo, a celebrated poet, the best view of Taihu Lake is found in the Tortoise Head Garden. In order to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Tortoise Head Garden, a “Best Place for Moon Appreciation”party ---- Autumn Garden Party for Tortoise Head Garden Centenary & 2016 China • Wuxi Mid-autumn International Music Fireworks Contest will be held in this scenic spot from September 8th to 17th.

This Garden Party is going to last for days offering various activities. The fireworks party invites professional groups from Italy, Spain and Belgium to present splendid nights on September 11th, 15th and 17th in the waters between Taihu Wonderland Island and the Tortoise Head Garden. In the night of September 15th, CCTV 4 will broadcast the fireworks show lively which enables the TV viewers feel the charm of the contest.

Moreover, there is a local culture-featured Folk Culture Fancy Lanterns Show with programs of guess lantern riddles and U-bend Experience added to promote the participation of visitors. They also will be satisfied with traditional snacks in Wuxi. Fireworks Comic-con, Camping Festival and Mid-autumn Children’s Festival will demonstrate the multi-dimensional beauty of the Tortoise Head Garden in the 10-day party.