Foreign Firework Groups Decorate Tortoise Head Garden

2016 China • Wuxi Mid-autumn International Music Fireworks Contest is unveiled recently which attracts thousands of visitors and the locals to gather together in Taihu Tortoise Head Garden spending a romantic night with the sparkling flowers.

(from the network)

Designed by Antonio Parente, a world-famed designer from Italian Parente Firework Group who had done well in Roman Holiday, the splendid show turns fireworks into elegant art in which 360-degree Surrounding 3D fireworks, the latest product wins bravos of audience. It is known that another two top fireworks groups are also invited to present firework feast of different features to celebrate the jubilant day.

In the festival from Sep. 8th to 17th, moon appreciation and garden party offer more interactive experience to visitors with folk cultural colored lanterns, forest kingdom sculptures and cartoon & ancient style music. The locals and visitors are able to enjoy the beauty of Jiangnan gardens in the moonlit night.