2016 Dangkou Ancient Town Children’s Happy Day Coming

On Sep. 10th, the first Dangkou Ancient Town Children’s Happy Day is unveiled. It is the Try Day of the Happy Day. A thousand clients of Spring International Travel Service is the first experiencers from Ningbo, Hangzhou and Yangzhou by through train. Besides, 20 families and over 100 teachers are also invited to participate the incitant modern games and classical simple ones in which participants are able to reexperience the fun in their childhood.

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Themed with “Back to Dangkou, Memory of Childhood”, the festival attracts swarms of visitors with over 50 items in 5 categories. In the daytime, people play, enjoy the view and taste the traditional foods; in the nighttime, they tour around the garden, appreciating the dreamlike light art.

Based on the local culture, the Children’s Happy Day explores game resources, old and new, and provides a pressure-reducing platform with a variety of items including hand-making, game experiencing and scientific exploring.