“Love China, Love Travel” 2016 Yangtze River Delta Self-Drive Program on Tortoise Head Isle

“Love China, Love Travel”, a Yangtze River Delta self-drive program, is firing up. Sponsored by the Shanghai branch of Xinhua News Agency and the Shanghai branch of Xinhua Net Co. Lmt., it will gather self-drive amateurs in Shanghai and plans to set out again on November 19th and ranges from Wuxi to Tortoise Head Isle.

As Taihu Lake is a must in Wuxi, Tortoise Head Isle is a must for Taihu Lake visitors. As a business card of Wuxi, the Tortoise Head Isle is penisular on the northwest side of Taihu Lake, and named by its shape of a giant tortoise head where there are many delicate scenic spots, such as Chongshan Yingxiu Garden, Luding Yingchun Tower, Waves surging in spring, Flying Cloud Villa, Guangfu Temple, Taihu Fairy Isle, Jiangnan Orchid Garden, and Sino-Japan Cherry Forest.

Usually tourists take battery cart to the top of Luding mountain for a bird-eye view over the whole Taihu Lake, then to Jiangnan Orchid Garden for orchid blossom show, and walk to the dock for traditional opera at waterbound theater. You end the tour at the head of the tortoise for the best view of Taihu and take a wooden boat of seven masts to enjoy the view on the lake and fairy islands from a far.