New Year Shopping Festival in Dangkou Ancient Town

“2017 Dangkou New Year Shopping Festival” will last for days till Dec. 30th. It is the time to visit Dangkou for its views and special goods for the coming new year as well.

Located in Etun, Dangkou, Dingshe in the ancient time, is the hometown of Ding Lan, a famous dutiful son in the Eastern Han Dynasty. It is a place where there are crossing rivers and streams and lakes over which bridges stretch. The beautiful well-known town boasting of numerous historic relics, is regarded as Historic and Cultural Town in China in 2010 and 4A National Scenic Spot in 2014. After years’ development, Dangkou is turned into a watertown in the south, its view, homestay hotels and old boats attracting tourists to travel around and enjoy leisure time. Folk arts like bamboo carving, Wuxi opera, Pingtan and Lion dance will be passed on to next generations.

The town has always been extremely hustling and bustling when the locals are preparing for the new year. Homemade preserved meat, dark fish, dried goose, green and white Tuanzi, Osmanthus rice cake, eggs, all are pure natural and tasteful.

This year, South Jiangsu New Year Goods Shop is opened to sell over 100 specialties directly purchased from the origin place such as Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou. It would be a good choice to visit Dangkou and buy some nice goods for the reunion dinner.