Hilarious Lantern Festival in Huishan

From Feb. 9th to 14th, the ancient Huishan town has been lit by lanterns from 6 pm. To 10 pm., exhibiting the hilarity of the locals.

It is said that the lion dancing on quincuncial piles in the Bilin Hall which won bravos in the Spring Festival will present fabulous performance to celebrate the Lantern Festival. Deng Jing’an, the Eastern Lion King, will show the fascinating art, Two Lions Celebrating New Year, on 15 meters long quincuncial piles with the highest one of 2.8 meter.

Meanwhile, the elegance of the classical Jichang Garden will be shown by the modern art, a laser show presented by a top team in Shanghai.

On the Xiuzhang Pavilion, the Memorial Archway and the Lording Palace Square, acrobats will entertain the locals with highly challenging performance. Walking in Space shows the beauty of extreme physical balance between the strength of men and women. It is honored to have the esteemed presence of “Emperor Qianlong of Qing Dynasty” who appreciates lanterns, try the local food and have fun with the people.

The Valentine’s Day happens to be in this holiday. On that day, activities such as Questions and Answers, and Speed Dating, are arranged. On Feb 14th, couples, married or married-to-be, are able to enjoy the preference of half price.