It Is Time to Visit Plum Garden

On Feb. 9th, 2017 China • Wuxi Plum Flower Season Conference was launched in the Plum Garden, Wuxi, which means that it is time to come to the Plum Garden to appreciate the flowers. Over 10000 plum trees of more than 400 varieties has already come to blossom.

Usually the best time is the mid February, however, it is almost 20 days earlier this year than before due to this warm winter. Till now, 30-40% plum flowers of over 60 varieties has been blooming which will last to the mid March.

The garden in spring, full of flowers, colorful and vigorous, is well prepared for activities such as the 2nd Plum Flower Angel Selection, Plum Flower Bouquet Show, Artistic Quincuncial Piles Show, Jiangnan Qipao Competition, Popular Photography Taihu Club Photographic Exhibition, Chicken Pets Show, and International Plum Flower Tea Party.

In the day of whole-area tour, the Plum Garden has been exploring the transition from the traditional tour to a new one with “4 Season Leisure Life in Plum Garden” as the goal. The original greenhouse is turned into Meiyuanli Garden Restaurant. The ecological picking yard in the north of the garden is almost done. “Fortune Tour” jointly promoted by the Garden and Kaiyuan Temple wins the recognition of East China tourist market. Products including “Scenic Spot + Eco-leisure”, “Scenic Spot + Urban Agriculture” and “Scenic Spot + Buddhistic Meditation” will be blooming in the season of the wintersweet.