What a View in Plum Garden!

There is nothing more enjoyable to appreciate the plum blossom in the Plum Garden which is famed for a large number of varieties of wintersweet. Nearly 10,000 flowers of more than 400 varieties turn the garden into the flower sea, so overwhelming and attractive.

It is the best time to enjoy the fine view in the last 20 days of this month. The heavy fragrance in the Ancient Plum Yard, Rong Yard, Ningxiang Path, Dongheng Rokery and Register Park is so refreshing when you ramble around.

Diversified interactive programs including International Plum Tea Party, meet different needs, where visitors are able to appreciate the natural beauty with friends while enjoying the tea. How relaxed it is!

The Plum Flower Bouquet Show reflects the fine integrity of soul and the mighty nature.