Peach Blossoms Bloom in Li Garden

The new spring is almost fully woken in Wuxi. Following the sakuras on the Tortoise Head Isle, the peach blossoms burst into bloom. According to the management office of Li Garden, the peach flowers burst forth one week earlier than they did in the last year and they are expected to come into their best days in the last 20 days of this month. Proved by statistics from travel agencies, people coming to enjoy the scenery of peach blossoms outnumber those coming for sakuras or rape flowers due to the popularity of Life After Life, Blooms Over Blooms.

Currently the blooming flowers are of two varieties, single-lobe peach blossom and Pinxia. Introduced from the north of China, the latter is hybrid of flowering beach and mountain flowering beach., whose breeding process was so complicated and challenging that it could not succeed till 20 years later. Pinxia attracts people with its 3 features: first, the tree is tall with fatty crown which is able to grow as big as one with its diameter of 4 meters; second, one tree is able to bear as many as hundreds of flowers; third, the flowers’ color is as tender and delicate as the sunset glow at the edge of the sky. Normally, with the temperature keeping at 20 degrees Celsius for one week, the lovely creature would come to its full-bloom period in the middle and end of March when the Xishi Villa full of Pinxia would be turned into a peach island colored by pink blossoms.