Rape Flowers Waiting for You

Saving the trouble of driving to Xinghua, now you can enjoy the golden flower sea nearby in Baihua Garden in Red Bean Village (Gushan Town, Jiangyin), Longchi Village (Zhangzhu Town, Yixing), Maohua Village (Taihua), Dingshu Agricultural Model Park, Shanlian Village (Donggang Town, Xishan District), Huatian (Dangkou, Ehu Town) and the Orientland (Huishan District).

In the Baihua Garden, rape flowers scatter in roses and peonies to form a gorgeous multicolored picture. Visitors can be satisfied with flourishing rape flowers of 50 mu in Maohua Village and selenium-rich rice, fresh vegetables and fruits. Also, in Dingshu Agricultural Model Park, you can enjoy the view of golden flowers of 8 mu, walk along the path by the Taihu Lake and try the river food in Wuxi.

The Orientland in Huishan will welcome you with rape flowers of 60 mu, pink peach blossoms, blur pincushions, purple sages, and volcano spring and farming experience as well. Why not try the simple life in flowers, farmfields, hills and schools.

In Shanlian Village, rape flower fields of 300 mu embrace dwellings with its color against the background of white walls and dark roofs. Strawberry picking, fishing and homestay are also available. Along the roads in Huatian at the north side of Hengfang Road in Ehu, there are yellow fields of 380 mu at the opposite side of Dangkou with Rose Cultural Park and Nanqingdang Agricultural Sightseeing Garden nearby. What a day to enjoy the beauty of spring!