Travel Guide for Bike-inks in Binhu District

“Bike-sharing” has been a compound word, frequently searched by netizens. As a beautiful sight in city, it wins the popularity for its fashionable look, convenient use, and easy parking. The coming of different bike-sharing brands to Binhu District has triggered the appetite of many biking fans. The elaborated travel guide for biking in Binhu is as follows:

01 Bike with Romance     Place: Lihu Lakeside

Among verdant trees and aromatic blossom, biking along Lihu Lake in spring will bring you a close contact with romance. As a good choice for bike dating and a witness of a time-honored love, the name of Lihu Lake originates from a love story between Fan Li and Xi Shi(two well-known ancients).

02 Promenade Slowly and Enjoyable at Taihu Lake     Place: Gong Hu Bay Wetland

As a park locating at Taihu Lake, Gong Hu Bay Wetland is known for its frondent trees and glittering ripple. Along Taihu Levee, you can enjoy a leisure riding among graceful spring scenery.

03 Wind Runner     Place: Eighteen Bay of Lake Taihu

In spring, the scenic spots along Eighteen Bay of Lake Taihu are decorated by broomy bushes, bright-colored blossom, and accompanied by vivid birds. This is proved by the following tour sites: Hua Cang Temple, Jilong Hill, Ma An Hill, ten sights at Lu Jiang, eight scenic spots at Xi Xi, etc. These brilliant and refreshing scenic spots will make your biking tour enjoyable and unforgettable all the way.

04 Biking for Fresh Air     Place: Changguang River Wetland

As a composite of ecology, leisure, science and art, Changguang River Wetland neighbors Lihu Lake in north, and Taihu Lake in south. It possesses abundant natural sights and geographical advantages. As a paradise for birds and plants, this wetland can let us feel differently among its perennial and fantasy landscape. Its another spotlight is fresh air.

05 Bike for Challenging     Place: Mashon

In the eyes of many bike-inks, Mashon is the best choice for biking, for its diversified and smooth traffic and graceful sights along the road. Among greenish lacks and frondent mountains, the winding mountain road will guide you to endless joy and a close contact with nature through challenges.