Cherry Flower at Tortoise Head Isle Peak Time for Blossom

As the warming March has come, the events for viewing cherry blossom in Wuxi is approaching us. At the starting point of a new centennial, the “2017 China •Tortoise Head Isle International Cherry Blossom Festival”, hosted by the Tortoise Head Isle District at Taihu Lake, has been initiated on March 16th.

Accordingly, the time for viewing cherry blossom during daytime is from present to April 20th. The time for night viewing dates from March 16th to April 4th. At present, Cherry Valley has become an optimal place for viewing, for the cherry flower species, such as Kawazu-Zakura, Chinese Cherry, Alishan Cherry, have entered blossom period. The most obvious feature of Chinese Cherry is that its bud needles are more crowded together and longer than its petals. The most noteworthy features of kawazu-zakura are its emerald leaves and unified blossom time. The blossoming species like Cerasus kanzakura,Prunus kanzakura, Kanzakura, and Tairyo-zakura will reach its optimal date for viewing after two days. Other species coming to exhibition include Yoshino, prunus pseudocerasus, cerasus campanulata, etc.

During Cherry blossom Festival, Tortoise Head Isle will be popularized for over ten brilliant activities will be hosted, such as Cherry Blossom Dance, Tortoise Head Isle Poetry, Fantasy Light Show, Cherry Goddess Show, Cherry Fun Run, Night Camping Party, International Blossom Viewing Week, Cherry Food Town, Cherry Blossom Photography Contest, Pet Paradise, Chibi Maruko Park, etc. Among the blossom ocean of over 30 thousand cherry flowers, tourists will find diversified experiences through appreciating cherry blossom with sunrise, daylight, sunset and night.