30 Foreigners Taste Wuxi Flavor in Jiangnan Misty Drizzle

OnJune 9th, about 30 foreigners from over 20 countries including America, France, Spain, Canada and the United Kingdom who live, work or study in Jiangsu province gathered by the ancient canal in Wuxi. They indulged themselves in the local culture and natural beauty by boating on the canal, enjoying the local opera and classics.

In the “pouring” rain, the foreigners, with enormous curiosity, visited Jichang Garden, Huishan Clay Figurine Museum, Exquisite Embroidery Workshop and Donglin School to learn traditional Chinese culture.

It is said that this is “Jiangsu in Foreigners’ Eyes ---- Liangxi Life by River” activity which is sponsored by the Publicity Office of Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, and organized by the Publicity Office of Wuxi Municipal Party Committee and Publicity Department of Liangxi District Part Committee

According to Mr. Yang Liqun, the deputy director of Information Office of Jiangsu Provincial Government, “Jiangsu in Foreigners’ Eyes” is a part of “Happy Jiangsu” launched in 2010. More and more foreigners involved has communicated with the locals to learn the local culture and appreciate the development in Jiangsu.

As he said today, Jiangsu is a province of economy, culture and also opening to the world. At present, there are near 200000 foreigners working, studying and loving in Jiangsu and over 8 million ones visiting the province each year. The activity in Liangxi District aims to let more foreigners know more about the Chinese culture and experience the local life which can be introduced to the outside world from special angle.