People’s Daily: Wuxi Huishan Ancient Town --- Open Historical and Cultural Museum

Though lived in the south of China, I have never been to Huishan Ancient Town in Wuxi before this summer.

At the first step on the land of the city, I saw the Xishan Mountain and Huishan Mountain, the First Mountain in South of China. The Ancient Town is located on the northeast footslope of the two mountains, overlooking the Beijing-Hangzhou Canal running at its north side.

You can feel the old moments on the long streets and deep alleys of thousands years old. In the old town, credited as the open historical and cultural museum in Wuxi, there are over 100 ancestral halls forming a special view. The buildings stand one by one in different heights and screen walls and memorial gates can be found everywhere.

Among various shops along the streets, Huishan clay figures shop is the most attractive one. Different colors give life to the clay, making it delightful. Those well-designed and exquisite figures bring you back to the time of thousand years ago, reminding you of the ancestral hall guarders who learned the clay figure making technique and obtained the spirits from the ancestor worship operas. For years, those craftsmen had been devoted to the creation of the facial expression of clay figures, making them lifelike.

The rivers run through the town vertically and horizontally. On both sides, Cinnamomum camphoras are green with branches stretching to the middle of the rivers, shadows reflected on the river surface. The green color of the leaves is painted on rivers, turning it dark green. Little bright yellow flowers are all over the trees, not so eye-catching but fascinating and sweet. One or two maple trees are hundred-year old, vigorous and powerful. Strings of ear-like yellow cream flowers hang over the river, sometimes dip into the water, arousing ripples on the river.

Thought the accent of the proprietress is not so easy to understand, the tender and gentle language, having lived for thousands years, reflects the local lifestyle and culture of the ancient town. How sweet and intoxicating the Wu accent is!