Wuxi determined to do the whole area tourism "big scenic spots": to attract tourists from passers-by to overnight guests

Make every effort to make Wuxi into a provincialleader, national first-class, world-renowned tourist destination city. OnOctober 11, Jiangsu Province, Wuxi Municipal government held a citywide tourismdevelopment conference and the national territory-wide tourism demonstrationarea to create a mobilization conference, Jiangsu Provincial party committee,Wuxi Municipal Party committee secretary Li Xiaomin at the meeting put forwarda "small target."Li Xiaomin said, the current development of Wuxitourism exists "unbalanced product structure, the tourists stay for a longtime" and other short boards, the future will be the main area of tourism andother development direction, so that Wuxi built a "big scenic spot",so that visitors slow down, stay, "so that passers-by to become overnightguests

As a tourist destination for"making people stay"

Wuxi Binghu District Tourism Bureau DirectorSong Xiaoyu participated in the October 11 Wuxi Tourism Development Conferenceand the National Tourism demonstration area to create a mobilizationconference.He was on the surging news (www.Thepaper.CN) said it was the firstsuch high-specification meeting for tourism development in the city since 2012,when he was in charge of Binghu District tourism.

He made such a judgment on the basis thatnot only the party secretary on the scene made a long report, the city (county)district Party and party in addition to the tourism Department of the relevantdepartments of the head also participated in the meeting, the scale of thestaff is very wide. “The meeting coincided with its time. ”Wuxi Wang Jieping,president of the Tourism Association, told surging News.In recent years, as thesupport of tourism to the national economy has become more and more prominent,the country attaches great importance to the development of tourism.Jiangsuprovincial party secretary Li Qiang also proposed to build Jiangsu into aleading domestic tourism province, the international famous destination fortourism.For Wuxi, the value of tourism in 2016 accounted for 7.35% of GDP, nodoubt, tourism has become an important pillar of the city industry.Li Xiaominin the speech, the development of Wuxi tourism status of a large-lengthanalysis.He suggested that the current development of Wuxi tourism has manyadvantages of first-hair.such as rich human resources, known as the "Pearlof Taihu Lake" reputation, is the essence of the Chinese Grand Canalculture, Jiangyin "Xia Hakka hometown, Riverside Fortress", Yixing"Taudu, tea Chau, Cave, bamboo Sea" and other tourism brand reputationat home and abroad.At the same time, has a national tourism resort and 6provincial-level tourist resorts, Yuantouzhu, the Three Kingdoms Water Margincity and Lingshan 3 scenic spots and 27 scenic spots.

As early as 1982, Wuxi was listed as "oneof the top ten scenic tourist cities in the country", and 1998 became thefirst "excellent tourist city in China", and this year August wasnamed the first "China Tourism and leisure demonstration City".But atthe same time, there are many short plates.For example, there is a"structural imbalance" in the supply of products.Leisure holiday typeof business is less, can let the visitor stay overnight in the tin less.“According to a sample survey, in 2016, the number of visitors to the city overnightfor 1.47 days, less than 2 days in Nanjing and Suzhou 2.5 days;The averagenumber of nights spent in our city is 1.52 days, less than 1.78 days in theprovince. ”Li Xiaomin said.

This phenomenon is a pain in the moment whenthe traditional sightseeing tour is being transformed into a more experiencedand enjoyable leisure resort.Wang Jieping also told surging news that Wuxi hasbecome the province's leading, national first-class, world-renowned touristdestination city as the goal, and "tourism destination" of a veryimportant characterization is to "retain people." “Now a lot oftourists come to Wuxi, it is day to go to scenic spots to look at the left.”Wang Jieping says the real tourist destination is to allow visitors to slowdown and experience a life on the ground.Like many cities in China, Wuxi begana few years ago to put forward the slogan "City is Tourism" and"tourism is life", trying to make Wuxi a city that can let touristsstay and feel the slow life of the lakeside city.This is being linked to theconcept of "whole-area tourism".The so-called whole-region tourism,that is, in a certain area, tourism as the dominant industry, through to theregion's economic and social resources, especially tourism resources, relatedindustries, ecological environment, public services, institutional mechanisms,policies and regulations, the quality of civilization and so on acomprehensive, systematic optimization of upgrading.It is more rich than the"big scenic spot", but there is no doubt that the whole area is to bebuilt and operated as a complete tourist destination to realize the integrationof scenic spots, both inside and outside.

"Department +tourism" completely linked

Since February2016, the National Tourism Administration has officially announced the firstcountry-wide tourist demonstration area since the creation of units, thewhole-region tourism has become a national strategy to promote the tourismindustry revolutionary changes in the strategic measures.In Wuxi, BinghuDistrict, Liangxi District and Yixing have been approved as the second"country-wide Tourism demonstration area" in the country. On theOctober 11 meeting, Li Xiaomin said that the whole area tourism planning shouldbe fully launched. He said that the whole area tourism is a face, the promotionof this side must fall to one point. From the reality of Wuxi, it is necessaryto highlight the three major points of tourist resorts, tourist town villages andtourism blocks, and put into practice the new requirements of "panoramicview, whole time, whole industry and whole people".Wuxi currently has morethan 7 provincial tourism resorts, the number of Jiangsu province accounted for14%. “But the overall attractiveness, competitiveness is not strong enough. ”LiXiaomin said, to further highlight the destination attribute of the resort andleisure holiday function, to build the support point of Wuxi tourism.Secondly,we should build a new hot spot for the tourism town.We will actively constructa rural tourism system consisting of small towns, beautiful villages, leisurefarms, rural resorts, modern agricultural parks and farm music, so as toaccelerate the development of new rural travel patterns represented by leisureagriculture, rural vacation, boutique accommodation and so on.In addition, thetourist block should become the growth point. To create rich characteristics ofthe text, business, travel block, and constantly extend the chain of tourismindustry, speeding up the night travel short board, so that tourists,especially self-help and bulk groups can slow down, stay, live down, tourismtwo times consumption.And in the specific work to promote, in order to trulyachieve the whole-region tourism, it is unavoidable in the departmentorganization to "joint", "joint participation." “Tourism isthe tourism sector in the past, and now requires outside tourism departments toactively integrate into the tourism construction, this is the whole areabrigade.

"Formerlytourism is the tourism sector, and now requires that the tourism sector outsidethe initiative to integrate into the tourism construction, this is the realessence of the whole region tourism." ”Song told surging news.His BinghuDistrict has Wuxi 70% tourism resources, Yuantouzhu, Lingshan Buddha, TaihuLake and so on.He gave an example of surging news, is implementing the scenictoilet revolution, "this part by the tourism sector, but the scenic areais the management of urban management, and the whole area of tourismrequirements of the scenic and external integration, it will need to beintegrated into the administration." ”Again, Water Conservancy departmentin the construction of the river, the Transport Department in the host oftraffic, agricultural sector in the development of agriculture, it is necessaryto consider the tourism elements-how to have the river channel aesthetic andleisure function, the road is not to consider the design of landscapecorridors, tourism signs, agriculture in the production needs outside how toIs"Department + tourism, comprehensive linkage, create a large tourismenvironment," Song said.This requires a co-ordinating department. “Now,the country already has 24 provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) setup the Tourism Development Committee, the Province of Nanjing, Zhenjiang hasbeen established, the city to start from their own reality, from the conduciveto promote the development of the whole-region tourism, as soon as possible tostudy the establishment of Tourism Development Committee, break through theregional boundaries and administrative boundaries of tourism development. ”LiXiaomin said at the conference.