The integration of agriculture and tourism leading to increase in farmers’ income

Returningto rural pastoral life, that’s the longing for many urban people from theheart. During the period of "13th Five-year Plan", the whole city ofWuxi will further promote the construction of a beautiful village leisure tourismdemonstration village and develop the creative integration of agriculture andtourism to promote the income increase of farmers and enlarge the supply oftourism products for meeting the needs of urban and rural residents through thescientific development of beautiful villages, leisure agriculture, landscapetowns and villages, local humanities resources.

Fromthe Municipal Tourism Bureau, it was informed that in the selection activity"City-level beautiful leisure tourism demonstration village with newtourism & leisure projects", which was carried out this year in theurban area, the Shanlian chrysanthemum, Shanlian dragon fruit, village zoo ofShanlian village, the characteristic leisure tourism and peach culture makercenter, small wild boutique hostel of Yangshan village, the peace eco-park andWanhe agricultural paradise of peace community were successfully selected.

Inthe season floating with floral fragrance, the Shanlian chrysanthemum salesdoubled

"GoldenShanlian" are more and more popular. Especially in the golden autumn withblooming chrysanthemums, Shanlian village usher in batch after batch oftourists, it’s even fullonthe weekend, what makes the sales of chrysanthemums have also doubled.

LastJune, Golden Shanlian Agricultural Tourism Development Co., Ltd. and theinstitute of food research of Jiangnan University cooperated, as a result, theShanlian chrysanthemum tea and derivatives - Shanlian eco "chrysanthemum mate" chrysanthemum teadrinks formally put into operation. The chrysanthemum drinks is ofchrysanthemum elegance and with a comfortable taste, once launched into themarket it has become a "burst model" products. Last year, theShanlian eco "chrysanthemum mate" drink with the yield of 50 thousandboxes of 1 million bottles, created direct economic benefits of nearly 300million, 30% of which exported to the United States, Japan, South Korea andother places through Jingdong, Alibaba and other Internet platforms, theexpected yield of this year is 2.5 million bottles and the sales of more than700 million.

Inaddition to the chrysanthemum industry, four villagers carefully cultivated thered flesh dragon fruit and opened the path of starting a business. For thefamily tourism market, Shanlian village has also set up the first integratedeco-zoo in the province that focuses on domestication and ornamentation of farmanimals and integrates popular science education, eco-farming, tourism andsightseeing as well as leisure and entertainment.

■Theorganic combination of peach culture maker and boutique hostel

TheYangshan village of Yangshan town relies on the high-quality tourist resourcesof Yang Mountain, focusing on the development of peach cultural tourismproducts, creating a Yangshan peach culture maker center. The center hireddisabled carving artists, with their spirits that who are broken in body butrefuse to be cowed or submit to develop beautiful and exquisite handicraftsbased on peach wood, not only enrich the tourism products, but also led a largenumber of ambitious young people to find employment actively.

Peachculture maker center is a base for employment of disabled villagers,"Small wild house" is a successful case of Yangshan college students."Small wild house" is a manor-style spa hostel that set in 30 acresof orchards in the middle of the mountain. There are totally 3 separatebuildings, which have 14 rooms of different styles with Nordic, Japanese andpost-modern styles to meet different needs of the customers. In the park thetourists can enjoy flowers in the spring, can eat peach in the summer, can pickthe fruit in the autumn, can have a spa in the winter, creating a seamlessdocking of leisure destination.

Peace communitywith many ecotourism highlights

Themost beautiful village- peace community surrounded by the East and West TaiLake, in recent years around the eco-tourism, added a lot of leisure andtourism projects, to create a peaceful eco-park.

Theupgraded modern agriculture park has four seasons picking garden, includingmulberry garden, pomegranate garden, bayberry garden, strawberry garden and soon, with which the guests can experience the fun of picking, the added value ofagricultural products also greatly improved, the new increased income of farmersare more than 5000 yuan; non-heritage folk museum organized a variety of folkactivities throughout the year, there are Songhua cake making, dumpling making,steamed rice cakes, Lianxiang dance, horse light dance, dragon light tuningperformances.

Itcovers an area of more than 160 acres and is a comprehensive farm-type scenicspot with many participating projects such as planting experience, agriculturaleducation, sports fitness, expanding training, youth comprehensive practiceeducation, military training experience and rural vacations. The scenic area isdivided into several functional areas such as Jiangnan Agricultural ExperienceArea, Jungle Crossing Challenge Area, Four Seasons Picking Area, WaterRecreation Area, Beach Recreation Area, Fishing Area, BBQ Picnic Area, MilitaryTraining Experience Area, Team Expansion Area and Outdoor Wedding Area, theproject set fully reflects the participation, interactive and experiential oftourists.