New Vatican Palace officially opened on the 15th of this month: 20-year-old Lingshan will take the "scenic + tourist destination" development model

Yesterday,Lingshan held a 20th anniversary products launch, announced the direction offuture development of the group. Meanwhile, it also showed the new face of theNew Vatican Palace to the national media. It is reported that on the 15th ofthis month, the New Vatican Palace will be officially opened to visitors toshow its new look. To enhance the level of visitors’ experience, the NewVatican Palace will change the original tour mode, to take part in the visitmode of batch after batch. In the future, Lingshan will transform the brand andaccumulated experience of 20 years into value through the different model ofthe "combination of intellectual output and investment".

Ayear ago, the Lingshan Vatican Palace Gallery Hall caught misfortune fire, someoil paintings, wood carvings, glass and other contemporary Buddhist artboutique were damaged. After the accident, the masters of these fine arts weregathered together again, more than 2,000 skilled craftsmen lasted day afterday, finally making the Vatican Palace reproduce solemnity within one year. Therenovation project, according to the principle of "original repair,increase bright spot", has been vigorously assisted by all the people inthe society, including the Vatican Palace's former reference construction unitand various crafts masters, mainly including over-fire area renovation, firesafety and security upgrades and new additional project "Earth welledPagoda". The New Vatican Palace has twelve magnificent and clear giant oilpainting "World Buddhist Biography Map", the treasures of the hall -glass carving "China Tibet World", lifelike flying woodcarving,wonderful spectacular sky dome ... ... the visitors who have come to theVatican Palace before said that the New Vatican Palace has surpassed theprevious shock and magnificence.

Yesterday,reporters saw that in the New Vatican Palace under the atrium dome of theVatican Palace Gallery, the project of "Earth Welled Pagoda" wasskillfully constructed. At present, "Earth Welled Pagoda" is stillundergoing the final debugging. In the scene, this new project has attractedthe attention of many tourists. Among them, the citizen Mr. Rui was visiting thenewly renovated Vatican Palace while watching the phone. There are photos ofhim in his cellphone that were taken many years ago in the Vatican Palace. Hejust want to know what is the difference between his comparison with thenewly-renovated Vatican Palace. He told the reporters that he has come almostevery year since the establishment of the Vatican Palace. However, the"Earth Welled Pagoda" is a new project which he has not seen yet andhopes to see the show next time.

Accordingto the leading official of scenic spot, "Earth Welled Pagoda" beganwith the first thought of the Vatican Palace construction. It originated fromthe Buddhist teachings and reappeared the auspicious cultural images of theBuddha "Lingshan Parlance". It integratesworks by masters and Chinese traditional Buddhist statues and contemporary artadvanced optics, acoustics, mechanics and technology, through the pagoda liftand rotation, matched with sounds, to deduce the situation. The project willform two "dynamic landscapes" in the Vatican Palace with the"Lucky Song" for providing two "climaxes" for touristsvisit. With the iteration of the Vatican Palace product promotion is completedonce again, the visitors can learn from the "combination of movement andtranquility", experiencing the charm of Buddhist culture. On 15thNovember, "Earth Welled Pagoda" will open the scene of liftingmovements for tourists. By then, the auspicious clouds, twinkling of Buddhistlight, the pagoda slowly moving in the Buddha marvelous sound, and anotherthrilling visual feast will soon be opened at the Vatican Palace.

This year is the twentieth anniversary of the opening of Lingshan scenicspot and Lingshan Buddha. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Lingshantwenty years anniversary conference, the next few years, Lingshan will take the"scenic + tourist destination" development model for the layout of7-10 leisure destination type towns in the country.